Restaurant not bound by time

A new restaurant was taking the stage, as an uprising establishment of the finest grade.
They had the freshest ingredients, and boasted of having all the recipes of the world, be it past or future ones.
One could find dragon heart soup, tree of life noodles, and many more exotic dishes here.
Many dined here, and left behind veritable mountains of resources in order to pay their tab.
And even in this world where strength governed at the peak, there was no one who would run amok in this restaurant.
The reason was simple, there were several regulars that were transcendental beings, whom enjoyed the food, and stopped anyone who tried to be reckless.
And it was said that the chef and owner himself is a great expert, otherwise how could he cook food that strengthens even Gods?
One day, as the chef was serving a regular, a new client came in with a huge grin on her face.
“What’s the God of Space and Time doing here, cooking?”
She asked.
The regular just took his food, and started eating.
The chef, barely looking at the client, chuckled.
“I am cooking.”
The chef said.
The young woman giggled.
“Still a jokester, you are.
Bring me a bottle of your finest wine, a portion of Celestial Dragon Rice, with phoenix meat, and immortal vegetables.”
She said.
The chef just nodded.
A few minutes later, he served the food to her.
The woman almost moaned while eating.
“This…this is freaking delicious!
Man, so this is why you disappeared?
To run a restaurant?”
She asked.
“Well, my clientele is really varied, and I love what I do.
And I am good at it.”
The chef said.
“Good? You are amazing! Better than anything I can get in Hell.”
She said.
“Like you are that much in Hell…
You are talking about me, but as the Queen of Hell, you are mostly roaming the worlds.”
The chef chuckled.
“And you are using your temporal laws, to hoist ingredients from the past or future.
So shut up.”
She retorted.
“Well, there were times where a blade of grass was worth more than the heart of dragon.
And in the future there are days, where the immortal vegetables are worthless.”
The chef shrugged.
Run your little restaurant out of time, but don’t forget to keep me a seat empty.”
She said, leaving.
Another regular wanted to remind her of paying, but the chef stopped him.
“Look at what’s on the counter.”
He said.
The regular looked there, and saw a handful of almond sized rubies.
“Are those…”
The regular started.
“Hell Blood jewels, yep.
Each made out of an entire river of blood from Hells 1 to 5, that’s more than enough for payment.
Well, she could eat for free, seeing how we are old friends, but she’s too proud to do that.”
The chef chuckled, and went back to take others’ orders.
He was an almighty God, high above most living beings of the universe, yet here he was…
Running a restaurant not bound by time…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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