Arguing with the angels

After centuries, perhaps millennia of research, experimentations, trials and fails, humanity finally succeeded.
They’ve finally found a way to treat the most dangerous diseases known to them, and also increase the lifespan of everyone.
Through genetic manipulation, and cell vitality increase, they’ve raised the maximum lifespan to three hundred years or more.
But there was an obstacle to be passed.
On the day they went public with the information, a voice boomed across the world.
“No! Thy lifespan is dictated by the Heavens, and by punishment it is how it is.
You shall not shirk from your duty, that is to suffer the well-deserved punishment!”
The voice said.
Then, a being bathed in light, and stars appeared.
“I shall destroy personally all the research you’ve made, but the Lord is merciful, and you have the chance to convince me.
Convince me that you aren’t running from your punishment.”
The being stated.
The scientists sighed in relief.
If they had the chance to convince the angels, they would do so.
They’ve chosen their representative, a nice politician whom always supported their cause, and sent him to the towering figure.
“So, human, you’ve come to state your case?”
The figure boomed.
“First, may you honour us with your name?”
The politician.
The figure said.
“Noble Zhuriel, I as the representative of the humans, came here to say that there is no case to present, we haven’t done anything that goes against the will of God.”
The politician said.
The angel snorted.
“You wish to lie, even to me, even in this situation human?
The Lord has decreed that you shall life a finite life, filled with trials and calamities, to prove your worth and gain entrance to the Silver City.
Now you wish to erase a great part of that punishment and say you are doing nothing wrong?”
The angel asked, their voice neutral, but cold.
“Noble Zhuriel, we’ve been made indeed into these creatures, with short lifespans, because of a mistake our ancestors did, but the punishments says that we have to suffer.
That’s it.
There is no mention on that we are forbidden from easing our punishment.”
The politician said.
“Indeed, there is no mention, but in this very way, you are saying that you are above the Lord, or equal to the Lord, and change what He has meted out, aren’t you?”
They argued.
“But Noble Zhuriel, without God, we wouldn’t be.
If They wanted us to be unable to increase our lifespan, we simply couldn’t, no matter how much we researched.
So,  this is also a gift of Theirs, so we don’t see it as a disrespectful act.”
The politician said.
At this the being slightly shuddered.
“Metatron was right, you do well with what they’ve gifted to you.”
After saying this, they’ve disappeared.
Afterwards, the humans started spreading the method of increasing the lifespan, and also, started a new research.
A research into the celestial beings…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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