Reading the Terms and Conditions

I was reading a 9999 pages long book.
Well, it wasn’t really a book, but rather a contract.
And the later parts were the proper Terms and Conditions.
Don’t marvel at the length of the contract, after all it’s a deal made with a devil, for my soul, it should be at the very least this complex.
Those movies, where it’s but a sheet of paper…pft, utter nonsense.
The devil in front of me seemed to be a high ranking one, seeing that they look nothing different from a human.
Also, they like to pose and even created this fancy throne room to meet at in the middle of nowhere.
A bit cliché to be fair, but well oh well, I can’t complain since I come to sell my soul.
But this contract…
“You shall give your soul in exchange of your wish, and in 10 years, the soul will be ripe for reaping.”
“Your wish difficulty can increase randomly due to fate’s counterbalancing measures, which can render the contracted devil’s part null, if the wish goes beyond their powers.”
“The devils have the right to deny fulfilling the wish completely, and still get the payment agreed upon.”
Hmm, so many things that are against me.
“You! Human, how long are you trying to keep me up here?
Can’t you hurry up?”
They snorted, when speaking in a female voice, when in male voice.
“Now, now, you told me to read it, and then sign it.
I still have a couple thousand pages left to read, relax.”
I chuckled.
They stared at me, then conjured a cup of wine I guess? And started drinking.
So, I continued to read, and read.
After a few more hours, they threw the cup to the ground.
“Human! Are you going to sign the contract or not?
Do you wish to be able to use magic or not?”
They shouted.
“I made my wish, and you agreed to grant it.
Stop fussing about it, and let me read the contract.”
I said.
They didn’t like it, but they didn’t do anything but glared at me.
And I read it all.
It took some time, but I felt no tiredness coming over me, I guess the devil took care of it for me.
“This is quite balanced, a lot of things are not in my favour, but if due to my magic talent being good enough, I become immortal, you basically lose your right to my soul.
I said.
“From your mere planetary perspective, it’s a one in a hundred million chance to become immortal of the lowest kind, and those odds are good for a planet such as this.
Whatever, will you sign the contract then?”
They asked.
And after pondering for a while, I signed it.
The contract went up in flames, and the devil sighed satisfied.
“Finally, you took your time.”
They said, and snapped their fingers.
I felt, a rush of information in my mind, and I could see and feel more.
There were countless energies floating around the world, around us.
“So this is magic…”
I said, as I led that energy into my body, and something in my mind clicked, and I laughed.
“What is it, sorcerer?”
The devil asked.
“I realised that by tempering my body with energy, I can live longer, and by understanding it, I can become immortal.”
I said.
They smirked.
“That’s common knowledge, get to it.
I want to see, do I get a delicious meal, or maybe an ally from this deal.”
They said, and disappeared.
I knew what they were talking about, after all I read everything there.
If, only if, I become a true immortal, my soul shan’t go to the devil, but I will owe them a favour…
I am indebted anyway to them, but at least, now I have  a chance to change my fate…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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