No need for the Chosen One?

I’ve been peacefully perusing a certain site, when I was forcefully summoned to another world…
Well, at least I was still in the searching phase, thus nothing too embarrassing has been seen by the otherworlders.
I’ve been summoned by the royal family of a kingdom, in order to lead the offensive against the invading demon king’s forces.
You know, the cliché setting seen countless times.
I got some cheats, got good mage and warrior stats, and since I couldn’t go back to Earth without their help, maybe not even with their help, I said: “why not?”.
So, I started helping them.
First I needed to level up, and gain experience, both literally and figuratively.
I’ve registered as an adventurer and went to dungeons. (again, a common trope).
And thus I lived my life, until the war completely broke out.
My adventuring team was filled with strange, yet genius characters, so they’ve followed me to the frontlines, and helped in the war.
The situation tilted in our favour when we joined the war.
After all, every member of our group was high levelled in their respective profession.
But a war is a lengthy process, especially one of such a scale, thus we’ve been pushing the demons back for years now, slowly gaining ground on them.
But I started to hold too much of a sway amongst the soldiers, and commoners, thus the nobles of the kingdoms started to get…antsy.
“Aren’t your fellow group members just as dazzling as you are?
Why did we use so many resources to summon you, if natives are just as good?”
They started to say.
Also, they tried to turn us against each other, and push my teammates to leadership rules.
“Oh, so you don’t need me anymore, good.”
I said, and simply left.
I left for the country side, bought me a farmhouse, and started living the life.
Growing your crops, hunting from time to time, helping the villagers with this and that…
It was blissful.
But the same couldn’t be said about the frontlines.
Without me there to force those smartasses to focus on the target, and without me being there and being the one whom those “geniuses” wanted to surpass by any means, everything devolved into chaos.
They split up, and started leading their own squads.
Each tried to mess with the others, trying to rake in more merits.
They didn’t listen to the others commands at all, and did whatever they wanted.
The land we gained from pushing back the demons, started to shrink.
In one year, they entered a stalemate, after all, no matter how bad at teamwork they are, and how stubborn they are, they are geniuses.
Of course, they came back running to me, saying that they needed me to stop those fools, and lead the attacks.
I refused.
“You said, you need me no more.
So, deal with it yourself.”
I said.
Obviously, I was bluffing, won’t be playing with human lives, but still…
For a good scare, it was worth saying those words…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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