Awkward marriage

I would’ve never imagined, that I would marry so young.
As an elven druid, at 200 years, it was awfully early to marry, but lo and behold I met her.
She was a fire in the cold night, a cute young woman.
We met, we fell in love, and a year later, I proposed, she said yes, and we got married.
But alas, our marriage was…awkward.
We were both uninitiated in the ways of love, so our first years of marriage were, simple.
We walked the myriad planets, we visited our friends, and spent our time discussing the laws of the universe.
Nothing too interesting, it seemed that our relationship was even…cooling down a bit.
And then it happened.
She awakened her bloodline, and it turned out she was a dragon, amongst the last of her kind…
She was the Chosen One of this Era, to led the myriad races against the incoming doom, that was still hidden.
She left the very next day, saying that I should wait for her, and afterwards we will live a happy, peaceful life.
I smiled, and said I would be waiting for her, in our home.
I raised a herd of Crystal Elemental Deer, a couple of Earthen Wrath Bears, and healed countless of spirits, and beasts, while waiting for her.
A decade, a century, a millennia, and there was still no sign of her.
I heard a lot about her of course.
She found out a conspiracy in this system, she destroyed an evil organization in that system and so on.
Then, the war against invaders started, and she fought for the entire universe of ours.
I was worried, and proud, and happy for her…and mad.
Not even a single letter came back from her…not a single response to those letters of mine.
I sighed, and accepted that this was because of her status…and hoped for the best.
I kept raising my knowledge concerning the laws of nature, and I became a high-druid, before finally achieving godhood.
It has been 7 thousand years at this point, since she left.
I knew it will be long endeavour, but still…
It seems like I don’t even remember how my wife looks…
Treating the forest dwellers, and those who seek my advice, made my days sweeter, but the nights were cold and lonely.
My family, and my clan told me that I should just remarry, but I said I promised to wait for her, and I always keep my promises.
And a bit over the 10 thousand year mark, I heard a knock on my cottage.
Opening it, there she was.
Taller than before, but with the same night purple hair and bright green eyes.
She seemed a bit older, and more mature, but the greatest difference was her golden horns, and draconic tail.
“Seems like your bloodline awakened a few more times, and got purified.”
I said, letting her in.
I am home, husband…”
She said, sheepishly.
I patted her head, and smiled.
“Welcome home.”
I said.
She smiled brightly, and her tail showed her ecstasy…
It will take a lot of time for us to get comfortable with each other again, then to love again…
Actually…the love is still there, I always loved her, and seeing she’s back, from all that fame, she chose to come here, in this remote corner…
Let’s hope for the best, that our awkward marriage with bloom into something beautiful…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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