This is where I draw the line

“Mark, drag your ass out of your cave and come here!”
I shouted, so my best friend and roommate comes out of that cave he calls “room”.
The door opened, and out stepped Mark.
He was a tall fella, completely hidden in his oversized clothes.
“What, David? What’s wrong?”
He asked, in his usual mellow voice.
“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?
I said nothing about the bloodstains on the wall.
I said nothing about the bloodied axe in the garage.
I said nothing about the weird ass screams.
I said nothing about the floating furniture, for it was quite cool actually.
I said nothing about your weird guests, because everyone has their situation.
But this? THIS? This is where I draw the line!”
I said, throwing an envelope onto the living room table.
On the envelope there was a word written.
“This is…”
Mark started.
“This is this is, don’t play the stupid, fool!
Give me your half of the rent, or you shall sleep outside until you produce the money!”
I shouted.
Mark continued.
“No this! It’s the 4th month, you don’t have your part of the rent.
I get it, this house is my grandparents’, so you think as my friend, you get it easy.
But no!
I have to pay for everything, because my grandpa wants me to learn the value of money.
I understood it once, twice, and thrice, for you are really in a bad place now, but this is already too much, man…”
I said, sitting down.
I was tired.
It wasn’t easy to work, to keep the house clean, to keep the garden in order, to shop, and then also have problems with the money…
Mark sighed, and went back to his room.
He was an outcast.
I befriended him at an arcade, where some dudes tried to beat him, because Mark easily broke their record.
He was a pro at gaming, and his drawings were spectacular, and that’s how he made his living…
But that wasn’t a stable income, at least not always, since he hated streaming, but he often participated in various tournaments.
Also, he was weird, and weird things happened around him.
All that I mentioned previously and much more.
I am pretty sure, once a real, 3 meter tall demon came out of his room, but to be fair, I had a triple shift that day, worked 21 hours or more, and prior to that at least a week of double shifts so, I might’ve hallucinated that.
As I silently mulled over what should I do, as I could always ask gramps to forget about this month’s rent, but that would go against the whole point of this, Mark came out with a stack of money.
“Here, take it, the rent for the previous months, this month and for the rest of the year.
Sorry man, I know I’ve been dragging my ass these days…
I want to you to know, that I know how much you work.”
He said.
I took the money in my hand, and I couldn’t believe it.
My eyes, that were teary, stung a bit, but then I laughed, and laughed well.
“This is all you had to do bro, your part!
Go and enjoy your life gaming, or drawing.
I have to pay the rent, bills, and go grocery shopping.
Going to buy your favourite !”
I said, running away.
As I walked out the door, I saw a few shadows slither on the side of the house.
I ignored it.
As long as he didn’t destroy the house, and paid his due, I would ignore his weird shit…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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