The intergalactic method of resolving conflicts

When the human race finally managed to step onto the bigger stage, the galactic one, they were quick to found that it was…peaceful.
At least on the surface it was peaceful.
No wars erupted between the intergalactic communities due to a very simple reason.
Everyone was just too damn powerful.
Each civilization that managed to properly establish itself as a galactic one had at least one planetary destruction method in their arsenal.
Why would anyone want to fight wars, when the costs of these wars would be entire planets or evens systems?
Maybe if someone would be levels ahead of all the other civilizations might be able to do it, and make it worthwhile.
But since such a thing is yet to happen, wars aren’t happening.
Thus conflicts are solved either by negotiating or by small competitions: be it cultural, martial arts, small skirmishes and so on.
And how was it made sure that nobody fancies a war or two?
Simple, all civilizations have their riches, and if they give a reason for everyone else to attack, they are done.
So why would anyone attack a fellow civilization, when that would make all the other civilizations jump into the fray?
After all, too many riches are in a war like that.
Also, each civilization has a doomsday warehouse, hidden amongst the many stars.
Had they find themselves in the need to retaliate, they can bring down their enemies with them, as long as they aren’t far too ahead of them.
Some had nanotechnology able to deconstruct entire worlds.
Some had bioengineering and genetic advancements that made them able to create the perfect virus, bacteria or life form, in order to frighten others.
Some had engineering feats unparalleled, and had fleets that could level systems.
Some had biological advancements that made their species much higher levelled than others.
And many more things that made a civilization stand out existed on the intergalactic scale.
And due to their existence, was peace maintained.
After all, who would wish to see their world crumble?
After all, who would wish to see their brethren being hunted by a predator created specifically to hunt them?
After all, who would wish to see the rain of attacks coming from a foreign fleet?
Each had their trump cards, and none were better than the other on a general scale.
The intergalactic scene was like a game of chess amongst an uncountable number of players, where each have each other in check.
And the ones that can take a step further in their advancement faster, are the ones who can checkmate others.
This is why this status quo is loved, and not challenged.
For this breeds competitiveness and growth.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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