Chance for redemption? No thanks.

After being the dictionary example of mediocrity for 93 years, I have went on to the great beyond, and found myself facing an angel.
This blazing figure was like a floating book covered in cold flames, and myriad eyes.
“Matthew, son of Lenard, I welcome thee to the seat of judgement.”
The angel said.
I nodded.
I was a bit scared, a bit confused, but I was pretty sure where I was.
After all, m hands were pale, and young looking once more.
And the blazing flying, thousands eyed book is something I don’t think I could ever imagine by myself.
“Thy life has been that of a man walking both in the light and shadow, never have you taken the path of the Lord, but never have you completely forsaken Him.
It’s is thus hard for the Heavens to decide, will thy fate lay in Purgatory or the endless plains and halls of the Heavens?”
The angel intoned.
“I would prefer the Heavens.”
I said.
“I guess you would, but that’s not how this works.
There is a deal, for those like you, set by His words.
“Any human that shall erase the original sin, shall gain sainthood and enter the Heavenly hosts”
Will you try the trial?”
It asked.
“The original sin?
You mean Adam and Eve eating the apple?
You want me to stop that? How?”
I asked.
“I can send you back in time, to do so.
This is a great change for redemption, and you shall find yourself…”
The angel started to say.
“No thanks, I am okay with Purgatory, let’s get over with this.”
I said, interrupting it.
The angel looked at me, I think, it was weird following so many eyes.
“What do you mean no thanks?”
It asked.
“It means, thank you for the opportunity, but I would rather not mess with the timeline.”
I said.
“It would make it so that you humans never fell out of His grace!
You would live in perpetual happiness!
No diseases, no limited lifespan, no disasters!”
It exclaimed.
“So what?
If I change the past, would I even be born afterwards?
Also, I lived a long life, got myself plenty of kids and grandkids, and watched movies with them.
Messing with the past…never goes well.”
I said.
“How come each of you whom have a grey life always choose the same?”
The angel asked, as a portal opened in front of me.
“I guess we find life good as it is, no need to change it, for better or worse.”
I said, entering the portal.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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