A family toyed by fate’s shenanigans

“I am home.”
I said, closing the front door.
It was good being home after a long day at work, trying to help the youths of today find their way.
“Hello sweetie.”
My wife came out, welcoming me with a kiss.
“Dinner is ready.”
She continued.
I smiled, and went to wash my hands.
Entering the dining room, my wife and daughter were already seated.
“How was your day?”
I asked them.
“Good, I managed to stop a few idiots from killing themselves while translating forbidden scripts.”
My wife said.
“Mine was amazing as well! I banished some shadows, saved some kids from a different school!”
My daughter chirped.
“How was yours?”
They asked.
“Tiring. 14 kids came to the office, trying to subtly talk about their problems.
A few of them are thinking they are mutants, others think they are going mad, and the rest almost know for sure they aren’t human.
Or at least, they try to map these things out.”
I said.
They smiled.
“You think we can finish this dinner without being interrupted by one of your students?”
My wife ask.
“Or without a phone call about a cursed artefact, mom?”
My daughter chimed in.
“Or without your talking squirrel appearing, saying some interdimensional being is loose?”
My wife countered.
At this we all laughed.
We were in a world full of wonders, each with our own burdens, it was rare for us to have an uninterrupted family gathering.
“Do you reckon, someone will try to abduct me again, in order to awaken something in one of the kids?”
I asked, while enjoying the dessert.
This went pretty well for now.
“I don’t think so, but you might get a visit from some godly parents, or aliens soon enough, it’s been a long time something like that happened.”
My daughter said.
“It’s about time I will get kidnapped to decipher an ancient language in a grimoire or something.”
My wife chimed in.
“I haven’t been kidnapped a single time. It would be fair if I was next!”
My daughter pouted.
We laughed.
“Are you sure, sweetie? If we follow the script of magical girl kidnapping, you would be coming back as a villain, and who knows what method would be used to break you.”
I said.
“Oh, I was just kidding.”
She said, sticking her tongue out.
“Nor would we let you get kidnapped.”
My wife added.
“Off, buy why do you let yourself get kidnapped then?”
My daughter whined.
“Because we know nothing would happen to us.”
I said.
“Yeah, after so many years of dealing with the supernatural one way or another, we picked up a trick or two.”
My wife smiled.
Just then, when we wanted to wash the dishes, and afterwards watch a movie, the doorbell rang.
“Which one of us is the lucky one?”
I asked.
“It’s a girl, roughly 1-2 years older than me, red long hair, goth vibes and eyes red from crying most likely.”
My daughter shouted.
“Ah, one of the possible godlings…let her in.”
I said.
Entering the hallway, there she was, soaked in water, eyes red from crying, holding her bag closely to her chest.
“Aine, come in, tell me what happened.
Sweetie, if you would be so kind, would you brew some tea, and bring some sweets for our guest?”
I said to my wife.
“T-t-t-teacher, I don’t know where else to go.
I don’t know who else to trust…
They…they burnt..”
She broke down, crying.
My daughter swooped in like an eagle, and hugged her taking her into the living room.
Going to the kitchen to help my wife with the tray, I sighed.
“It’s so hard for them…”
I said.
“You help them, that’s more than enough, it’s their fate to go through stuff like this.”
My wife said.
I just smiled.
So many kids I’ve seen going through calamities, before saving the world…
And I have to be there at their lowest…
But my wife is right, at least I can help them.
Our family is tormented by these shenanigangs, but we grew to enjoy and use them.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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