Walking the worlds alone

It’s been so long I can’t remember anymore…
Who am I kidding?
Of course I still remember.
The days when people still behaved normally with me.
The days when I could laugh and cry with mortals, and gossip about the gods.
Then later on, it reversed, I spent time with the gods and gossiped about the mortals.
But those days are long over.
I’ve been cast away by the mortals, for I am immortal.
I’ve been cast away by the gods, for I am too mortal like.
Now I have nobody to talk to, except a few weirdoes who enjoy doing the exact opposite of what everyone else does, and they continued being my friends.
But I can’t complain.
People think it’s a curse, since even new people innately hate me when they see me, but actually it’s just an inconvenience.
Since the spell is so strong, I am actually avoided even by animals, which makes hunting a tad bit bothersome but doable.
Albeit fishing is almost impossible, and I really love to fish…
But it’s not as bad as people sing songs about it.
I travel the world unbothered by annoying thugs, bothersome schemers and others like that.
I can be at peace with my own company and silence all around me.
If they knew that their spell made my strength increase continuously, as I take glimpses of the truth behind the laws of everything, they would probably be quite angry.
They would wish they had me sealed or imprisoned rather than “cursed”.
Well, not like they could’ve done that, after all it was me who taught them most of their skills.
And now?
After so many years of wandering?
I don’t know what I know.
Walking the many worlds alone, I’ve seen and done things, many can’t even imagine.
I’ve created worlds inside worlds, and destroyed worlds to make room to others.
I’ve created so many life forms, in my quest to escape this spell in my early days, that currently, half the universe should call me Creator.
Alas, I shall forever be known as The Cursed One, which is frankly hurtful.
It’s not my fault that I am immortal, nor is it my fault that I like mortals, and think mortal life can teach the eternal ones a lot of things.
It’s good from time to time to write words as these, to get it out of my system.
After all, if I complain too much to my friends, they would wage wars on the other gods to force them to lift the spell…
Don’t think that’s sweet, they are good friends, even though they are.
Even without a reason, they sometimes start wars just because they are bored, so with a reason, they could make it even more entertaining.
That’s why I rather spend my time alone, reading, walking, comprehending the world.
It’s better if I don’t cause too much of a mess.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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