Pandora’s Box, the Last Hope

After years of arduous research, I’ve finally found it.
I’ve found the place where Pandora’s Box is kept.
It was in a mausoleum deep under a mountain situated in the middle of nowhere, covered in forests, storms and heavy winds.
If nature itself wasn’t enough, gargoyles stood guard at the entrance.
4 mesmerising statues, bronze, silver, obsidian and ruby half man half lizards statues with spears and shields were moving around the entrance.
Most of the time they stood in one place, but during the days of observation, there are certain times where they are moving, and even changing pedestals.
But it was wrong of them to choose such a place as a vault for the box…
For the gargoyles have one purpose: Guard the entrance.
So if I don’t use the entrance, whatever might they do to me?
I’ve spend months digging into the side of the mountain, when I finally happened across the tunnels of the mausoleum.
Then, I went straight downwards, and soon got to the room where Pandora’s Box was held.
There, in a huge cage lay the treasure in question.
A small red and black box, with golden engravings on the lid.
Well, it could be considered small, but theoretically it had a whole universe in it.
That’s where the calamities, disasters and diseases originated from…
And that’s where, a small spark of hope remains…
And that hope is what I seek.
For we are in dire need of it.
Closing in on the box, I felt afraid frankly, and a bit excited.
This was what my goal was for the last 5 years, and many more years for my fellow adventurers and academicians.
For humanity was in dire straits, and we needed something to light our way…we needed something to give us hope.
Taking the box in my hands…it was heavier than I thought it would be.
Opening it took all my power, and as the lid flew open, I remained frozen at what was inside.
It was a piece of paper.
It read: “Hope shall ever be ours, hope will never die.”
That’s it.
That was the “hope” contained by Pandora’s Box.
I stood there in silence, before closing the box and putting it back.
Maybe the paper was right.
Maybe we already had hope.
We just failed to see it.
Well, if we couldn’t see hope until now, I will make sure that hope will be seen.
The box indeed helped me find what I needed.
If all those rats desire only to hide, and slowly die out, then I shall drive them out and fight one last time for a bit of future for our race.
The last hope for us, was Pandora’s Box, and seemingly it served its purpose.
I left, and met with colleagues and told them my findings.
We rallied supporters and started a counterattack, trying to carve out a piece of land where we could live in peace…
We hoped we would succeed, for that was all we had.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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