The aliens are too polite

Earth has finally got its official visit from the extraterrestrial races, and they’ve invited humanity to join the intergalactic society.
The contact has been direct, and really peaceful.
The extreterrestrials have supplied Earth with knowledge and technologies, and started exchange programs between different planets.
They helped with the construction of relays, so to facilitate an easier space travel.
Overall, they’ve been extremely helpful, and polite…too polite one might say.
The humans didn’t really care about it, they tried to take advantage of the aliens kindness as much as they could, but not all of them.
The scientists, researchers and in general the academics have observed that the aliens, even though anatomically were as different as they could from the humans, they were speaking a language based on latin.
That’s why even when the aliens were speaking in their own language, some people actually started to understand it.
Especially those from southern Europe, they had an awfully easy time learning the extraterrestrials language.
They held their tongues, for they knew how important were the advancements they were doing.
Yet, their curiosity continued to grow.
And finally after years of cooperation, the technological and research and development fields of humanity finally stabilised, and the scientist were allowed to ask the pertinent questions.
“Why is your language based on Latin?
Why are you so polite, almost afraid of offending us?”
The questions were asked.
And this time, they weren’t blocked by anyone.
The extraterrestrials heard them, and each different race sent a representative to answer this questions.
And the answer was…expected by some.
Seemingly, the galaxy is ruled by the Human Empire, and these aliens are just vassals of it.
Seeing a human population here, they guessed that Earth was somekind of crash zone of a human ship, and evolved to its current stage.
They’ve already alerted the Empire, and soon envoys will come to ascertain the relation of the Earth humans to the Empire’s ones.
But the aliens already done their tests as well, and the genetic makeup of earthlings is almost identical, albeit less complex then the Imperials.
This is the reason for their ultra-polite behaviour and their extreme willingness to share their knowledge with the humans.
Because they are certain that Earth will become another important planet of the Empire, and by helping them they are actually helping themselves.
At this, most sceptics sighed in relief.
It made now sense, and it was more or less acceptable to be treated that well.
Yet, some were still with their guards up…
Who knew what their real sentiment towards this “Human Empire” was?
After all, they were polite…too polite…might be hiding something.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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