How am I still sane?

I don’t know what those smartasses from my neighbouring house did, but they managed to send me somewhere…
When I woke up, I was in a dark place, with flashing rainbow colours, and an annoying static noise.
“I shouldn’t have let mages move in next door, but they were so down on their luck…”
I murmured, as I walked in…nothingness.
“Whatever…What happened, happened.”
I shrugged, and sat down on emptiness.
I waited, and waited.
Thank God for all those shows, movies, books I’ve perused, I could more or less replay them in my head, so as to not go mad from this doing nothing phase.
And then, the static noise disappeared.
“Oh, a little mortal in my dream space?
Hello, there!”
A voice said, as the lights started flashing madly in front of me.
Then, a tall androgynous figure popped out, wearing clothes that changed every other second.
Once they were man, then woman clothing.
Once they were red, then green, then yellow and so on.
I couldn’t see their face properly, as the figure itself was almost hazy for me.
“Hello? Sorry to intrude, but I was sent here by an explosion did by some annoying mages.
Could you please help me?”
I said.
“Oh, I felt a tremor in my existence.
Probably those mages tried and probably managed to summon and enslave a part of me.
And because the resonance, you were somehow sent here, to my dream space…
They said.
Being from a world where the supernatural was public domain, I sighed.
“Are you an ancient deity or the like?”
I sighed.
“You mortal classify me as an eldritch entity.
But I am just a creature born from the void, before it was filled with matter.”
They shrugged.
I frowned.
“What, did I scare you?”
They asked, almost…teasingly.
“No…But shouldn’t I go mad or something, after seeing you?”
I asked.
I was genuinely curious, as eldritch beings were touted as the most horrifying things in the whole multiverse.
“Haha, that happens due to a very good reason to most people, but not to those who don’t care about us.”
They laughed.
“But I care about you, at least I hope you aren’t murderous.”
I said.
“That’s it. But you aren’t curious about my identity, nor about how I exist, nor about what am I exactly.
Being from the void, I am of a different set of rules than anything inside a universe…
Thus not even the greatest beings of yours couldn’t comprehend properly the rules my existence follows…
Let alone poor mortals.
Just the simple thought of “What was that?” makes your brains think about scenarios, which frankly are offensive.
I know most space life forms have tentacles, but come on, we are more ethereal than corporal, stop giving us a billion eyes, and mouths and stuff like that.”
At the end…it seemed like they were…whining?
“So basically, we go mad, because our brains make stuff up about you in a way, that overheats our imagination?”
I asked.
“Yep. It would more or less be the same if you saw the real form of high ranking life forms from your universe as well.
That’s why most beings take upon a humanoid form, that’s a…standard form for material worlds, thus it won’t make your brain go poof.”
They laughed.
“So…me being tired of even trying to think about supernatural stuff…saved me?”
I asked.
They nodded.
“Fair enough. If I ask for your help to return help, will you help me?”
 I asked.
“Yes, but not directly.
I would scare the hell out of the deities and other beings around your homeworld, but I do know a taxi service that helps people with interdimensional, universal travel.
I will call them, and they will pick you up…until then, fancy a chat?”
They asked.
I nodded.
What could happen, if nothing bad until now happened?
I don’t know how much time passed, but indeed, a yellow cab took me home…
When I stepped out of the cab, and onto my driveway, my body surged with energy.
Suddenly, I made a huge crack on the ground, with a single step.
At the same time, countless flashes appeared around me, and beings started to pop out.
The mages appeared as well.
“You…What is your relation with The One Who Murmurs?”
They asked.
So that was the static noise?
I sighed, and my sigh moved the buildings around us.
“Nothing, those 2 fools sent me into their dream space…”
I said, pointing towards the mages.
“And you are sane…interesting, come with me…”
A being said, and took a hold of me…yet nothing happened.
“Oh, seems you were there for a long time….follow me.”
They said, and started flying.
I…I sighed, as I knew that I could fly as well from now on…
What happened…
Am I still sane?

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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