How is this all…possible?

Well, I can’t believe it, but seemingly, this one is the true afterlife.
Or at least, for me this one is the true event that is happening after I died.
Into a world of cultivation, magic, monsters and everything I could imagine…
And I could say I was really lucky.
I was born into a really important family, with my father being the strongest expert of our sect, our family and the sect leader, while mother was likewise, a strong expert, and the sect leader of another sect.
My grandfather was a Sage, that was supposed to be the last stage of cultivation.
But it was weird…
I was from Earth…a scientific orientated civilisation…
Now suddenly, I have a dragon as a pet for my 3rd birthday, and a huge mountain like bear as a mount and…babysitter?
Thankfully, this cultivation thing…suited me.
I was quite talented at it. (Well, with parents like mine, it would be hard to suck at it.)
But…but my mental state wasn’t properly attuned to this new world.
I still found it hard to believe, monsters, dragons, immortals and the like.
How was this possible?
How is this all possible?
And my parents seeing me troubled, sent me to grandpa.
My grandpa was a jolly old man.
Despite being one of the strongest expert in the whole universe of ours…he was busy gardening, and reading.
And oh boy, how much he loved spending time with me.
From the get-go, he knew I was reincarnated.
“Your soul is older than your body, not that hard to see, not that uncommon either.
Reincarnation is pretty normal, little star, albeit keeping your memories is quite rare.”
He laughed, when he saw how I froze when he first mentioned it.
And now once again, we shall talk about my previous life…my life on Earth.
“So, you find it hard to deepen your understanding of the laws, because you understood them differently in your previous life?”
My grandpa asked, as he watered some herbs.
I can control the elements…but how?
I can understand them due to my previous knowledge, but the same knowledge blocks me…”
I sighed.
He laughed.
“My little star, that’s normal.
You overthink and at the same time, underestimate the vastness of the universe.”
He said.
I watched him with sparkling eyes, waiting his explanation.
“Your realm, universe, must’ve been a young one, as if it was older there should’ve been a higher quality of life essence.
Meaning, the average lifespan of creatures should’ve been longer.
From your stories, it seemed yours was a baby universe, barely a few billion years old.”
He said.
It mesmerised me, talking about such long time as it was nothing.
“A universe, whether artificial or natural, is simply a great gathering of energy.
First it implodes, then it expands and interacting with the void, it gives birth to space, time and all that is in it.
And it continues to expand until it finally reaches the extreme point of stability, the point where if it would pass, the laws would be in disarray.
It is estimated this expansion takes roughly from 50 billion years at least to trillions of years at most.”
He said.
I gasped…that was…that was incredible.
“Then you can say the universe became a teenager, and it’s time to focus on a different growth, an overall growth.
The energy can’t be multiplied nor destroyed as you stated in a theory, but now that it expanded so much, and stopped, it can focus on other things.”
He said, as he took out a herb.
The herb moved around lively.
“It can strengthen the matter…”
I murmured.
“It can indeed strengthen that and more…
And to be fair, there are no absolutes in the world, as energy can’t be created by the universe after its beginning…
But living beings can create energy…
Even though we ourselves, are of energy.”
He said.
“This energy is not exactly an addition to the existing one, but rather a purification of it, making it so that 1 unit of purified energy equals many more of the natural energy.
But this is a cycle, matter inhales energy, it purifies it, a part of it remains in matter, strengthening it, but another part is released…exhaled…
Thus the appearance of life forms is guaranteed, as the universe wants to continue to grow.”
He said.
“So, we are strengthened by the energy around us…and we strengthen it as a repayment?”
I asked.
“Yes, that’s a cute way to say it.
Thus older universes, where planets, where life forms, where events and phenomenon have gone through countless inhale-exhale repetitions, possess a stronger energy.”
He continued.
“I was born with a lifespan of millions of years…without any cultivation…”
I murmured.
He chuckled, and ruffled my hair.
“Exactly, and why is that?
Why is that you are able to live long as planets in your own world?
Why is that your current ten or so body is tougher than the strongest material on your old home?
Why is that your current appearance is cute, and small, yet you are heavier than a mountainous low ranked beast?”
He questioned me.
“Life form evolution?”
I asked, as I was not sure, being quite behind on my studies in this new life.
Imagine a high quality, high quantity energy continuously washing your cells, your soul, your mind, everything.
Your cells grow stronger, burst out, and regenerate even better.
I ask you in your old world, what was more nutritive a proper meal, with herbs, vegetables, meat of good quality or some random dry food?”
He said.
“Good food gave us more energy indeed…”
I said.
“Now imagine that your food contains enough energy to make your, what you called it? Computer?
Yes, run your computer for thousands upon thousands of years, would that food benefit your body?”
He asked.
At this I smirked.
“Well, it would kill everyone back home, if they ate something like that.”
I laughed.
He laughed as well.
“Yes indeed, thankfully, the energy quality increase is mostly gradual, so that won’t happen.”
He said, pinching my cheek.
“But controlling the laws…It’s still hard to believe.”
I said.
“Because you couldn’t stop, control a bit or alter the laws of physics in certain conditions back home?”
He asked.
I stood quiet…he was right.
“The laws are just governing bodies of how the energy flows.
Fire, water, lightning, love, hate, destruction, life, creation and so on.
This are all events, phenomenon that exist on a plane of existence or other in our dimension.
Energy is what they are made of, so it’s normal that you can control it, since energy can interact with energy.
That’s why there are breathing techniques, that help you utilise the energy in certain ways, which allows you to connect with certain laws, certain elements.
And that’s why your understanding of the laws is necessary, as it will help you need way less energy to make a resonance, and take control of the law.”
He finished.
I was convinced.
This was simply evolution.
As the environment changed, so did we…
Now I could see…
Around me, motes of different coloured lights floated all round me.
I could see them enter the herbs, then exist but this time smaller, yet brighter…
All around me, energy existed in a form or other, but here it was of such high quality, that it was almost a shame to consider it the same type of energy as back home…
As I felt my surroundings carefully, I broke through, again and again and again…
Grandpa laughed.
“That’s my little star…”
He said.
I smiled, and thanked him.
He wasn’t a Sage for nothing…
Now I had a urge to eat…and eat a lot…I hope I won’t get fat…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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