Love Saved the World

The world was filled with superheroes and villains, each having abilities far surpassing that of normal humans.
Thankfully, most of the strongest powered individuals were heroes, thus peace was being maintained.
But still, there were two villains, whom couldn’t be apprehended, and in order to even put stop to their plans, dozens of superhero teams needed to band together.
Yet, no matter how ferocious the two villains were, their plans were always foiled, and not even once have they succeeded in causing widespread mayhem.
Destruction indeed followed them, and it seemed like both of their goals were to end everything, yet the heroes always managed to stop them.
After all, there is strength in number.
But, the villains also realised this, albeit after many tries, and the two have teamed up.
This news managed to frighten the world, and many heroes banded together, yet they underestimated the power of the two villains.
And thereafter, their plans always succeeded.
Time and time again, their heists worked, and they managed to get their hands on sensitive materials and information.
The heroes were helpless against the two’s combined powers, even when going at them in the hundreds.
And then, after a dozen or so successful criminal acts, the two disappeared…
Yet, this didn’t make anyone happy, rather they got afraid and paranoid, many heroes starting to patrol the most important areas of their regions.
After all, a hidden enemy is much more dangerous than one out in the open.
Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months.
The terrifying atmosphere never dissipated, rather it accumulated and hung heavily on the entire hero society.
The 2 most dangerous individuals banded together, seemingly succeeded in all their plans, and disappeared.
Knowing their thirst for the destruction of this world, or at least the state of the current world, one might imagine their final goal….and it was horrible to think about it.
Yet, as time passed by, no news were heard about them…
And then months turned into years.
4 years after their disappearance, the entire world was thrown into chaos.
For a small town has alerted them of the appearance of someone similar to one of the two villains, shopping at the local grocery store.
Countless heroes swarmed to the little town, prepared to face the two most dangerous individuals of the planet, especially since the two had years of time to prepare.
And yet, when they’ve arrived at the town, they were flabbergasted…
They saw, Doctor Everything, one of the villains coming in and out of the town, working and shopping there.
He bought normal groceries, and worked the 9 to 5 office job at a firm in the town, before going to his house in the middle of the forest.
There, Duchess of Freezing Flames was…was taking care of two babies, both young and both…adorable.
Doctor Everything’s powers were that of understanding and developing, thus he could copy superpowers and even create new ones.
It wasn’t a surprise he knew he was being followed.
The Duchess herself could feel the heat and energy signature of living beings, and superheroes gave off a really clear one…so she knew as well.
The heroes weren’t stupid, with two kids in picture, they didn’t dare to engage, and settled for a conversation.
“Who’s kids are they? Did you kidnap them?”
One of the heroes asked, pointing to one of the babies in Duchess’ hands.
Right then, the baby shoot out an azure flame from her nostrils.
“Kind of obvious, isn’t it?”
The Doctor laughed.
“I-i-it’s…They…They are your kids?!”
The heroes exclaimed.
The two villains nodded, proudly.
“The older one is able to solve puzzles with me already.
He took after me.”
The Doctor said.
“And this one…this one took after me.”
The Duchess said, playing with the baby’s cheek, whom just spew a bit of fire once more.
“Your plan of world destruction…
Your greatest heists….”
One of the heroes mumbled.
“Will finance our kids future, obviously.
Working together we…we kinda clicked, and voila, we are together.”
The Doctor said, hugging the Duchess.
The Duchess giggled as well.
“We realised we are more important than the world, and decided to enjoy life.”
She nodded.
More important than the world…such a good statement true to their true selves…yet so…peacefully done.
The heroes built a watchtower outside the town, where 3 teams would always monitor the villains.
The villains didn’t care about it, they just asked that their kids shall be left alone…
As the monitoring continued the heroes realised…
The villains were truly in love, and they weren’t lying, nor pretending as soon, the 3rd kid was born…
The 2 villains that came the closest to be able to destroy the world, simply stopped because they fell in love with each other…
One might even say that ironically it was…
Their love that saved the world.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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