I am the cause?

I was enjoying some snacks, while watching my favorite show, when a flash of light burst into being in the middle of my room.
After opening my eyes, I saw an individual standing in my living room, in front of the TV, holding a huge sword.
He pointed the sword with its hilt towards me.
“Take it, and kill yourself.”
He said, with urgency evident in his voice.
I stood frozen in place, while mechanically reaching for the sword…
Waking up from my stupor, I hit the sword away.
“What…. Who are you? What is this?”
I shouted.
“That doesn’t matter!
What matters is that if you don’t kill yourself, the world will be destroyed in a decade!”
He shouted back at me.
At this, I frowned.
“The hell are you talking about?
Get out of my house, before I call the cops!”
I said.
“You can try, but I froze time around this house.
We can be here for days, and not even a second passes in the outside world…
But we don’t have the time…I don’t have enough time.
Here, I was told this will make you believe.”
He said, throwing me something.
It was…a pendant.
My pendant, but it was old…
It had the same engraving on it, and the same picture in it, albeit this one was already moldy…
Nobody saw my pendant, at least not what’s inside and its back.
So this couldn’t be someone just playing a joke on me.
But still…
“Good job finding something like this, still…
Why should I believe you?”
I asked.
He exhaled.
“For gods…”
He murmured, before pressing something on his chest, and a small amethyst portal opened between us.
Inside, I could see a wasteland, and I could feel a stench coming out of the portal, clearly…toxic.
I could’ve asked “And how do I know if this is Earth?”, but it would’ve been pointless…
I could clearly see the mall, the water tower…my apartment building…
It was my town there, that was the wasteland…
But even then…
“So what?
I am the cause?”
I asked.
“So what? So what?!
Yes, because of what you will be doing in a few years time, you will cause the end of it all!”
He shouted.
“Again, so what?
Am I to believe you without proof that I am the cause?
I should just simply off myself because you said so?”
I rolled my eyes.
*Sigh*, I can’t tell you how you will end the world, but listen, whatever you do…
Don’t fall in love, it will imperil the project you are working on.”
He said.
I snorted.
I was working on a rather sensitive project, that’s why it was believable that I could cause quite the damage, if I were to mess up, but this…
“You don’t seem to understand time travel, time traveller.”
I answered.
He raised an eyebrow.
“By telling me this, you are changing the past, your past, meaning your present which is the future, won’t be the same.
Just by being here, you’ve already altered the timeline…
And truth be told, if the end is written in stone, even if I kill myself, it would still come…
So go home, and I am sorry for your loss.”
I said.
He flushed pure red.
I don’t know if in anger or embarrassment but he did.
He stuttered, and then his chest flashed red, and he disappeared.
I shrugged.
Standing up, and looking outside, I saw a never ending line of cars, and people herding around the streets.
It was…lively.
“I am the cause? Maybe I can change that…”
I murmured, as I went back to watching my show…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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