The worst fears come true

In the lands of Eternity, countless empires and kingdoms fill the land, taking care and raising the myriad lives that grow on these lands.
Today, a conference amongst 2 Empires, and the ten strongest kingdoms under each would be held.
The 2 Empires are holding the meeting, because worrying news have been heard for years for now, and the investigation into them has finally finalized.
In a great palace, built upon a floating island, the kings gathered together with their greatest warriors and advisors, to meet with the emperors.
Soon, the emperors entered with their entourage as well, the conference hall being filled with a heavy mood.
“The investigation came back…
87 occurrences of conflicts happening between a random individual and countless nobles, small and big, merchants and sect members have been documented.
Each conflict was nicely resolved, without the need of our governance’s involvement.
Same way, 19 natural disasters, be it calamities or beast tides have been solved without the involvement of our armies…”
The emperors said.
The kings fell silent.
“Is it certain that it was the same individual?”
One of the kings asked.
One of the emperors nodded.
“What do we know about this individual?”
Another king asked.
“Sadly…it’s the usual.
Ex-noble family heir degraded to the slums, showing potential than losing it, and now raising higher and faster than even era changing prodigies.”
One of the emperors sighed.
“So our worst fears came true…”
A queen chimed in.
Everyone nodded.
“A son of destiny is born in our lands…
We shall start the usual procedure.
All notable families, sects shall be informed of their existence, and all rowdy, uncontrollable elements such as: arrogant, prideful, crazy, evil, battle hungry heirs, disciples shall be imprisoned under further notice.
The royalty, the nobles, and the merchants shall work together to lessen the civilians problems, albeit, we are quite good in this field already.”
One of the emperors said.
“If we see this individual, in our contests that are made for unearthing prodigies, we shall treat them as a normal prodigy, lest they realize we know something about their true background.
Also, some collateral damage is needed, thus as always, criminal members of our royal families, and nobles, shall be sent as stepping stones for the son of destiny.”
The other emperor continued.
“If we do this…will we be alright?”
A king questioned.
“The individual is still gathering fame in a low leveled kingdom.
Afterwards they will need to rise through the mid, high level kingdoms, before reaching yours, the top-tiered ones.
After that they will reach us, the level of empires.
If we play our cards really well, we can use their ascendance to claim some benefits as well.”
One of the queens said.
The emperors nodded, but one of them was sighing.
The kings and queens looked at him.
“The noble family he comes from…
It was a noble family my youngest sister married into…
This son of destiny…they are my nephew…”
He said, painfully.
Everyone sighed.
“The typical plot…
The heavens are toying with us…”
The other emperor chimed in.
“Thankfully, my sister is alive, and the sect she’s in was responsible for the family’s downfall…
So we aren’t related to it, albeit we might suffer, as we did nothing to stop the sect…”
The emperor continued.
“Yeah, do something, as if we could’ve stopped a sect that is at least a few thousand times stronger than our alliance…”
The other emperor snorted.
“We shall hope the son of destiny will understand this…”
The emperor sighed.
The kings and queens left, in order to implement the measures discussed.
If everything goes well, they won’t lose too much…
But they can never know for sure….as the son of destiny is supported by powers unimaginable, and luck and fate is bending so that their rise towards supremacy is guaranteed…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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