The Change of Everything

I awoke to booming thunder and lightning’s light that easily illuminated my room, even through the closed blinds and drawn curtains. (what can I say, I like to sleep in complete darkness.)
But then, I could hear the wind blowing like there was no tomorrow…sounding just like the screams of women…
I couldn’t rest with all this noise, so I sighed and prepared to stand up.
It took me a while until I managed to stand up, even that meant that now I was lying down but rather sitting at the edge of the bed.
Outside, the concert didn’t stop, even more so it crescendoed until the blinds were rattling.
“What the hell is going on…”
I murmured groggily, as I finally stood up.
I took a step forward , and then I heard a voice.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
The voice said.
The voice reminded me of grandpa, kind, old, sweet yet hoarse.
“Who’s there?”
I asked, turning around.
There, in the door way, an old man stood with his weight on a staff, looking at me with a warm smile.
“I wouldn’t look out the window, if I were you, kiddo.”
He said, letting himself fall into my chair.
I took a step back, and sat down at the edge of my bed.
For a reason, I couldn’t understand, I simply…trusted this old man.
I don’t know why, even though I knew something was wrong, after all…all the doors were closed, and yet here he was.
Outside, the noises started to quiet down, yet the shaking of the building increased.
“What’s going on?”
I asked.
“Oh, nothing much just 2 realities smashing, trying to vie for supremacy, thus space and time of different quality are colliding, and everything is fading in and out.
That’s what makes the lights and the noises.”
He said, still leaning on his staff.
“Ahm…in English please?”
I said.
“Your world and another world, hmm, universe actually, are colliding.
They want to become one, merging, but of the two, one has to come on top, as the laws governing the 2 universes are different, and there can be only 1 set of laws governing the final product.
Thus, the laws are fighting it out, and the ones that remain will be governing your life.”
He said.
I froze a bit.
It was hard to understand, even with all the gaming, comic reading experience I had.
“So…everything is going to change…”
I murmured.
“Yes, the change of everything you know has come, but you are lucky.”
He laughed.
“Why am I lucky?”
I asked.
“Because this house, your house, is in the eye of the storm of the space and time laws battle.
Space and time laws exist in all the universes, but there are differences.
But, since there are simple differences, and not complete opposites, the phenomenon isn’t as violent.
Long story short, you will be safe here.”
He said.
“And after that?”
I asked.
“Train, youngling, train your body, and your mind.
As I said, space and time is fighting over here.
For you both of them are frozen, meaning your universe might merge in millions of years, but for you…it will be but seconds…”
He said.
At this, I had an idea.
“Is the other universe, filled with a strange power?”
I asked.
“Yes and no.
It’s not what you think, but even if it was just as yours, normal to a certain degree, the merger would change it anyway, since the new laws will be much stronger.”
He said.
“And you are?”
I finally asked, this important question.
“A wanderer, an old man, both, none.
I am here to watch the beautiful scenery that usually is birthed by such chaos.
And I was lucky enough to find someone like you, stuck in time.
It’s quite a fruitful journey.”
He laughed.
I stood in silence for a bit.
This old man…was more than he let on…
“Can you help me train?”
I asked after a while.
He just smiled, and gestured me to follow him.
I left my room, and went to the living room…where my living hell began…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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