The Executioner’s Love Story

After a gruesome centuries old war, a dynasty finally blossomed upon the world, and united it.
After a quick grasp on the overall situation, came the rewards and punishments.
The imperial family’s allies all got their share of the world, while their opponents were to be executed publicly.
The executions were of varied ranks, there were plenty commoners who were stubborn to the new change, plenty simple soldiers, plenty lieutenants, commanders, generals, marshals, and nobles as well.
Even sect members, and their varying disciple categories had their own execution.
But the most numerous wasn’t the commoners, nor the soldiers, but the execution that was done in the Imperial Capital, the one holding the nobles, marshals, sect masters and elders…
After all, these figures were the ones who could truly oppose the dynasty’s imperial family, and they weren’t singular individuals, for their entire families were to be executed with them.
But this is where it got strange…
Few dared to execute these individuals, thus, the execution ground with the most numerous prisoners, was actually one with only a single executioner.
A youth, of barely 30 years of age, whom cared nothing of one’s status, personal power, looks, he just did his job.
Chopping the blade downwards, and finishing the deed.
The executions started with butlers, direct maidservants, advisors and branch families.
The youth didn’t care much of the situation.
He stood tall in front of the stone table where the prisoners shall be chained to, as thousands of citizens came to watch.
He just waited, as the guards brought the prisoners, whom were shouting, screaming, crying, threating, bragging, trying to bribe both him and the guards.
These guards, being in the Imperial Capital, were actually branch members of the imperial family…no chance they could be bribed.
And as for the youth, he just stood there, without an expression, without a twitch, without a motion.
He just waited for the prisoners to be chained, kneeling with their head on the stone table.
Only then, would he raise the heavy executioner’s blade he had used until then as a cane, and inhale.
“Blessed be thy Afterlife.”
He would murmur, before swinging hard.
Each execution was clean, with barely any blood spilling, as the blade was special.
Once, twice, ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times and the day was gone by.
The public long retreated, thus the youths day ends, with a thousand or more lives ending at his hands.
He fretted not, for he wasn’t afraid of being tainted by karma, after all, he just followed orders, and didn’t enjoy it, it was just a job.
Before leaving, he saw a faint shadow over the execution grounds, but he shook it off.
He continued his job, execution the branch members, and the household staff, and this continued for roughly two years, before the last such individual was executed.
Then came the generals, marshals, nobles, sect masters and elders turn, each being set in order of their status, from low to high.
After finishing with a small baron family’s direct members, he finished the day as well, but this time the youth saw a clear figure, walking on the execution stand.
“Excuse me, lady, you aren’t supposed to be up there.”
He said, warning the woman who was there.
She was tall, dressed in all red, with long dark green hair, and unbelievably pale complexion.
She just giggled.
“I am right where I am supposed to be.”
She said, touching the stone table, before disappearing.
The youth just stood there, frozen.
Not because he was startled, no…
He was a cultivator, he saw people uplifting mountains and draining oceans.
Ghosts and the alike were something known to him.
No, he stood frozen, staring…because the woman’s chuckle, voice, appearance…
Made him…feel something…
He didn’t know what it was, but he shrugged it off, and went home to sleep, after all, tomorrow shall be another long day.
But after that night, he always remained a little bit longer, to catch the woman, to talk to her.
And indeed, after every single day of executing people was over, the woman appeared, and she sometimes talked to the youth, sometimes she ignored him.
He didn’t mind it, for her sight was already more than enough for him.
After the small nobles, came the small sects, amongst which there were plenty where the elders, sect masters were true experts.
The guards were all stiff when leading them up to the stand, and the prisoners were smug.
“Heh, kid, you can try hacking all you want.
Even while sealed, my body’s tougher than most treasures!”
Most of them said such lines, more or less in this manner.
The youth didn’t acknowledge any of it.
“Blessed be thy Afterlife.”
He said, and swung his blade…this time a bit harder, a bit slower, and while using a technique.
The first elder’s head came off cleanly, rolling neatly to the side, and so did those of the next ones…
When the news of this reached the ears of the prisoners, obviously intentionally spread by the guards, they lost their arrogance a bit…
But not by much, for they were confident in their strength.
Sadly for them, they were wrong.
The youth’s blade never paused, never stopped, and he fulfilled his duty properly.
And by doing that, he could have a good discussion with the mysterious woman, at the end of each day.
Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months.
As these high profile figures were as numerous, it only took 7 months for him to finish with them all.
And on the last day, he felt…unsettled.
Not because the prisoners were all might figures, whose name could shake Heaven, Hell and Earth alike, resounding thunderously amongst the myriad worlds.
Not at all, for him, be it a peasant, or the head of a noble family from the previous age, it would be the same, he would fulfill his duty.
It was because this meant that most likely today…today was the last day he could spend with the mysterious woman.
He knew what he felt for her, but that made it just much worse…
For he knew…he knew who she was…
A goddess…goddess of death.
His blade never stopped, never paused.
Mighty figures fell, and the realm felt it, as stars could be seen crossing across the sky, falling, mourning the fall of mighty beings.
This day was shorter, yet the youth still stood on the stand, waiting.
He was all alone, when night fell and a figure started walking towards the stone table.
“Lady, you are here once more for…for the last time.”
He said.
No more strong souls, resentment shall gather here for a while, at least, not until the next rebellion.”
She said, giggling.
How can we still talk?…
How can I still see you?”
He asked.
At this, the woman turned around, and smiled at him.
“How about asking me on a date?”
She teased.
At this, the youth froze.
“D-d-d-d-date? A date?
Ahm, I don’t…”
He stuttered, all flushed red.
At this the woman laughed.
“Tomorrow noon, I shall be at your door.
Plan a nice date, otherwise…hmpfh.”
She said, pouting and raising her dainty hands, before laughing, and disappearing.
At this the youth foolishly smiled, and left.
This is how the executioner’s love story blossomed, together with a goddess’.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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