The Temple’s Caretaker

The darkness that was everpresent in a beginning was driven away, transformed in essence by creation that came from a great deity.
The realm unfurled from that point, and now it’s an endless stretch of space filled with myriad miracles.
Planets, stars, galaxies, energy gatherings, matter agglomerations and many more are present in this realm.
And as the realm grew, so did its laws strengthen and many deities came to be to handle, to regulate these laws.
But these deities rarely interacted with the other living beings, be them mortal or immortal, yet temples were built for them, and even for the unknown, unseen Creator of the entire realm.
But as even a great rock can be turned into dust by the slow trickling of water, through the passage of time, eras changed.
Religions rose and fell, and so did civilizations.
Wars and conflicts were always related to these elements of religion, and identity, no matter the era, thus the temples were prime targets to start or finish a war, or to simply send a message.
But there was a temple that despite being almost in every era the first, the biggest target for anyone who intends to send a message, or to establish their religion, this temple stood “tall” and untouched.
It was an old temple building, made out of unknown wood and stone, and it stood lonely atop a floating mountain on a desolate planet.
It had but 9 monks in it, a nun and an old, beard touching the ground caretaker, who continued to swipe the leaves, the dust and maybe even time itself as the temple remained unchanged, no matter how many times the realm itself changed.
And this fact didn’t go unnoticed, and many investigated the reason for such an occurrence.
And they’ve found something unimaginable.
The description of the monks, of the caretaker…never changes.
No matter how many eras pass, how many times the realm itself goes through destruction and rebirth…this temple, and its staff…remain unchanged.
After this discovery, the temple was labeled as forbidden ground by most of the highest forces of the realm, and even for those from other realms as well.
But the curiosity of youth borders between bravery and foolishness, and thus a band of youths from these powers travelled to the temple, to offer incense and pray.
They were surprised to see how nice the monks were, and how welcoming they behaved.
The group prayed and didn’t dare to behave atrociously, since the legends rang loud in their mind, but curious as they were they dared to ask.
“Why does this temple remain unchanged?”
They asked.
All the monks smiled, and answered the same thing.
“Because of the caretaker of the temple.”
They said.
At first, the youths thought they were playing around, and saying that the temple is in this shape, because the caretaker does his job…
But then, they realized, it may mean…more.
They went to the caretaker, and asked him the same question.
“The monks told the truth.
With me being here, the river of time can sense this place, nor the laws of the realm.
So of course it remains unchanged.”
He laughed, supporting himself on his broom.
“Because of you? Are you that strong…or are you maybe…cursed?”
Someone from the group of youths asked.
I fought with a…friend for the authority to create this realm…
I lost.
Now I stay here, to watch over his creation.”
The caretaker said, laughing.
The group of youths nodded, and left, not really understanding what they’ve uncovered.
But the moment this information reached the ears of those in charge…the temple just became even more forbidden…
It became so outlawed to go there, that the entire galaxy the temple was situated in was evacuated, and sealed.
The caretaker seeing this just laughed…
“Kids…I hope I never have to protect you actively…”
He murmured, and went back to sweeping.

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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