The Fates’ Summer Cleanup

Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos were all dressed now in grey clothes, lest they dirty their ceremonial ones.
For it was summer, and no matter how cold it was upon the peak, inside the temple, it was time…for a thorough cleaning.
Centuries of dealing with destiny, with fate, carefully guiding the threads of it, and cutting it when necessary, made their environment…messy.
Cut threads, heaps of them here and there, each of a different color, of a different length.
And now, they were cleaning them out.
It was quite a herculean task, after all, they haven’t done any cleaning for centuries…they were too busy.
Now, that the world is in a rather normal state, and destiny flows almost as expected, they finally have time for this as well.
“Come on! This is ridiculous, how many have you even cut big sis?!”
Lachesis whined, as she threw a big heap of thread, back into the flames, where they will be re-forged and re-spun anew.
“Just the ones that needed to be cut, just the ones that needed to be cut.”
Atropos said, as she cut some of the longer ones in smaller pieces.
“Just let it be, my sisters, and keep working.”
Clotho said, as she spun the new thread.
“You’ve spun a too long thread Clo…”
Lachesis started, but then she fell quiet.
“Just let me cut it and it’s done…”
Atropos said, but she stopped mid-sentence as well.
Clotho sighed, and stood up, yet the threads were still being spun…
As she walked to her sisters, she gasped.
“What in Hades’ name is going on here?”
She said, as she watched a thread…going outside the temple.
“That’s…That’s impossible, no?
I mean, even before the End of everything, the threads go up just until the door…
Even the Immortals have just as much thread as that…
What…what happened here?”
Lachesis said.
“Never before have I seen such a fate…
So clear yet so muddy…
Sisters…It seems, we forgot about this one.”
Atropos said.
Indeed, they’ve forgotten about it.
It was a thread of a clear fate.
Birth, life and death, clearly marked on the thread…and yet it wasn’t cut when needed, it wasn’t measured when needed, thus it was still being connected to the spinning wheel…
“Should you cut it, big sis?”
Clotho asked.
The laws have remained stable, despite our…oversight.
It seems like our mistake…was needed.”
Atropos said.
“No need to worry, I see no chaos knocking on our door.
At least, nothing unusual.”
Lachesis shrugged as well.
Clotho nodded, but she was still curious.
“Who…who is this person?”
She asked.
The three sisters closed their eyes, and focused on the thread, that now was all lit up.
“She was a handmaiden, back in the days humans were of one tribe.
Beautiful, gentle woman, yet unlucky.
For man, woman and gods as well took liking to her…yet she never felt…burdened.”
Atropos said.
“She’s now a nurse, helping countless people all across the world…
She has a lot of money, yet almost none is used on herself…”
Clotho said, giggling.
“She…she shall be useful for all, be it mortal or not, living or not, existing or not…
But it’s unclear for what.”
Lachesis said.
The other 2 nodded.
Indeed as expected, the laws needed this person.
Thus they didn’t mess up, not was this an oversight, but simply carrying out their duty, of maintaining the needs of the laws of the universe.
The fates summer clean-up continued, but now…
Now a thread got extra attention, lest they forget about it once more…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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