Tired, I don’t care

I worked…hard for everything.
Grades, entrance exams, exams, they were my everything for the first quarter of an entire century…
My everything…
Then came the bootlicking at different companies, because what else can a young beginner do?
No matter how well I did my job, how fast I finished my tasks, how many tasks I finished, how was the quality of my job, if someone else was more…pleasant to the boss, they would get the praise…
I would get…a nod, or a “continue just like this”…
It was tiring…
I also tried partying, dating, and living the “normal” life.
It was good until it wasn’t.
Why is it that if i am too good with someone than I am fake, if I am nasty with someone I am an asshole?
Why is it that if I tell the truth I am lying, and if I lie than I lie?
Why is it a problem if I am myself, and why is it a problem if I am not myself…
This life…
This life is good, my parents love me, and I do have people with whom I can more or less spend time without wanting to jump off of a building.
But I never experienced that joy I can see on others when they are out.
Nor have I ever managed to achieve that level of friendship like the ones portrayed in movies, books and so on…
I was…okay, but way too tired.
Life like this…is tiring.
So I took a remote job, sold my everything that I had in the city, and moved to a remote cabin in the woods.
I know, “cabin in the woods” is a clear sign of “Don’t spend too much time there”.
But it was quiet, it had wi-fi, electricity and it was so, so quiet.
It was amazing.
I finally felt…free…weightless…even happy…
The quiet and slow life lasted for a month, before weird things started happening.
Awful screams, screeches, howls were heard from time to time.
I shrugged them off.
“I am in a forest, these are to be expected.”
I thought, and went on with my day.
I often read books on the porch, and to be fair took some walks on the well-seen paths of the woods.
It was calming.
After the noises, I started to get…”gifts”, I would say.
Rocks, gold, coins, crystals, feathers and so on.
I took them all, but them in a basket and placed it on the porch as a decoration.
They looked amazing.
And then more noises were heard, scratching and the like.
I chuckled and shrugged it off, after all, I was prepared for such noises.
A nice pair of earplugs solved the issue.
And then messages written in dirt, and maybe blood? could be found on my porch, and in front of the cabin.
I sighed.
More work for me, as I had to clean it up.
This went on for months, so long and so frequent that I got used to it.
Then, I heard a knocking on my door.
Not that I didn’t hear it before, but now it was…closer? I guess.
I opened the door finding a huge man, half naked staring at me.
He boomed.
“No way.”
I said.
“Do you know who we are?”
He continued, gesturing around.
Taking a glance behind him, I saw weird figures, and pairs of blazing eyes staring at me.
“Demons, spirits, cryptids who knows.”
I shrugged.
“You! Human! Leave!”
He boomed.
“No. I won’t bother you, you don’t bother me.
Too tired of that life, I like it here, so I don’t care about ya’ll.”
I said, slamming the door in his face.
Afterwards…it was silent.
Animals still made noise, the birds still sang, and the insects still annoyed me…
But no weird stuff was happening anymore…
Not like I would care…
I would rather have this, than go back into the crazy life of the city…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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