Genie in the bottle

I was staring at the giant, half spider half woman amethyst cloud like creature, that levitated in my room.
It was…a genie.
A genie in the bottle I would call it, albeit it would be wrong, since it appeared after I cleaned the bracelet I found in the attic.
And now, it was spouting nonsense, and annoying me.
“Master, you have 9 wishes to make, before I go to slumber for 1 thousand year more.
So, Master, speak thy wish, what you say is my command.”
She purred.
I sighed.
“That’s it?
No rules, no warning, nothing?”
I asked.
“Oh, silly me, haha!
No bringing back the dead, if the dead is over a tier 3 immortal life form.
No wishing for the truth of the universe, as it would cause both of us to implode…
And that’s it, I guess?
Oh, yes! Be careful with your wording!”
She giggled.
I pondered, than shook my head.
“No thanks, I am good.”
I said, turning around, preparing to leave for the kitchen.
She said, and appeared in front of me…with a puff.
I coughed.
“What now?
I have no wish to make, go enjoy your little bracelet or something.”
I said.
“Impossible! No mortal, immortal or transcendent being is completely ambitionless!
And I am an ancient genie!
I can make almost all wishes come true!
Don’t tell me you want no riches, no women, no success, nothing?!”
She said, as she made scenes appear in which I had all those things…and more.
She was a bit too close…and too naked…so I went through her, entering the kitchen.
She followed me.
I sighed.
“You will laugh at me, but I…
I prefer to get my things with my own power.”
I said, as I started to make myself a sandwich.
“Bullshit! I refuse to believe there is a mere mortal who has no dreams!”
She pouted.
I chuckled.
“I said I want to get them with my own power, not that I don’t have dreams.
I want to be relatively rich, with a beautiful wife who gets me.
If I could be immortal or something like you said, why not?
But I think that if you can make me one then…I can become one by myself as well.”
I said, shrugging.
“You…Then what about me?
Sleep for millions of years again?
At least if I help someone with their wishes, I can be in the mortal realm for a bit…”
She pouted…
She looked so…pitiful.
I sighed.
“I wish for you to be free, with all the power you are allowed to possess, and I wish you not to destroy wantonly.”
I said.
There go 2 wishes.
“Your wish…my command. Haha!”
She said, and she disappeared into the other room.
Then, I heard a breaking sound, obviously from the bracelet, and laughter could be heard.
Soon, I was…strangled, as someone jumped on me and hugged me.
The genie, now looking like a tall woman, with silvery skin with black lines, and amethyst hair and eyes, was trying to…crush or hug me.
Can’t really say which of the two.
“Thank you, Master!”
She said.
Escaping from death’s…I mean her clutches, I gasped for air.
“Master? You are free genie, just live your life.”
I said.
She smirked.
Raising her hand, she made a fruit appear, and started munching it.
“I am free, with 30% of my powers, making me immortal of the 1st grade.
I can become stronger if I leave…
But you still have 7 wishes…
So I will be living here.”
She said, laughing, and entering the other room, turning the TV on…
I sighed…
“Now…it’s me who seems trapped?”
I chuckled, as I continued making my sandwich…
This shall be…interesting? I guess…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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