Mother, Father….What is going on?

Okay, I know that everything is possible, but holy…
Today was a bit too extreme.
First, my 2 best friends were nowhere to be seen, which was weird, since I’ve never seen them miss a single day of school.
I wrote them messages but I didn’t even get a “seen”, quite rude I thought to myself, but mostly I was worried, so I wished that the day would end faster.
But alas, I was at school…an hour was like a year here…
I was thankful that there was art class as well, making the day somewhat bearable, now that my friends weren’t here…
Then after school, I went straight to their houses, but nobody was home, which was weird, since one of them had an IT dude as their father, never leaving their room…
They weren’t home.
They weren’t responding to my calls, messages…
I started to freak out.
So I wanted to go home, and try to relax, or something otherwise I might end up at the police station, filing a missing person file.
And then it happened.
As I opened my front door, a huge explosion occurred.
I was blasted, across the street, across the ground, like 3 blocks away, smashing through 4 houses, and destroying quite the number of sidewalks, and lawns. (our neighbors will hate me for it.)
But I was…fine?
Well, I was naked, which was really uncomfortable, but I had no scratch on me…
Due to the mayhem the explosion created, I managed to scurry off, hiding in the bushes.
I do hope no security camera caught me in all my adamic glory.
And that’s when a car pulled up next to the bushes.
Our car.
My mom rolled down the window and threw a hoodie, and sweatpants into the bushes.
“Wear that, and hurry up get in the car.”
She said.
I did as she said, and got in the car.
Dad was driving.
They were both…unbothered.
Dad was even humming his usual song.
“Father, Mother… What is going on?”
I asked.
“Oh, the explosion?
Someone got wind of us, and they tested you to see if you are anything like us.”
Mom said, giggling…without a care in the world.
My whole world went down in a blaze of glory…
And they were…laughing?
“I am indestructible? Immortal?
I don’t care about what word is used, but…again!
I asked, punching the seats…making a huge hole in it.
“Now now, temper temper young man!
We need this slow gadget for a while at least.”
My father chided.
“Sweetie, it’s nothing much…
It’s just we are from…a different place.
And humans are…somewhat afraid of us.”
She said, trying to calm me down.
As we drove away, I just couldn’t believe what was happening, and what I was being told…
And she speaks like we aren’t humans…
And then, we arrived at a place in the middle of nowhere, where my best friends were waiting for us.
“Your Majesty, Your Highnesses, we prepared the gateway.
We are ready to leave.”
They said, bowing their heads.
But I saw their glances towards me…
They were filled with kindness, guilt…and…and reverence?
I sighed.
Mother and Father entered this invisible thing, and they disappeared.
I didn’t even look at my friends…I couldn’t…
Stepping past the spot my parents disappeared, I could feel something wash over me, and soon I was somewhere else.
Islands were floating, birds the size of building were circling them.
The trees around me were taller than Burj Khalifa…
My parents were waiting for me, then they smiled at me….and started flying towards an island…
I looked up, and suddenly felt that…I…
I could fly too…
“Father, Mother…What is going on…”
I murmured as I followed them…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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