Lucky or Not? Hard to say…

I was always just one of the many.
Just one amongst the sea of people, living their lives day by day.
And then, the breakthrough happened.
We finally found a planet with almost the exact same conditions as on Earth, and it was proved that it was like that.
The breakthrough came in the form of a spaceship, in which in but 1000 years we could arrive there!
This planet, being younger than Earth, a bit bigger than it, even if it goes through some changes…it would be just for the better not for the worst!
So, we were scheduled to travel there…
But there was a problem.
The technology to put us to sleep wasn’t perfected yet.
Only a certain blood-type and gene were able to be put to sleep for more than 600 years without problems.
And I was lucky at this point, for I satisfied both criteria.
It took me 3 years to get fit enough to be able to bear the procedure, and on we went.
Only 10 thousand people, alongside with many resources, countless drones, and countless information both on paper and electronically stored in the ship.
And we travelled.
And we slept.
And after roughly 1003 years, as the calculations weren’t perfect, we finally arrived.
But what welcomed us was way too different than what we expected to.
After waking up, just before reaching the planet, we were sluggish, but the screens showed us a clear picture.
The planet before us was still green, and blue and purple, as previously, but there were clear signs of artificial structures on it…
On its moons there were even outposts with the flag of the Earth Alliance on it…
And as we got closer, we could see that ships and even building were moving around…
“Welcome to your new home, fellow travellers!”
Soon these words could be seen, written by the moving buildings…
We continued our journey, and soon landed on the predetermined plot of land.
There a huge crowd gathered, with banners, flowers, fireworks and more.
As I was designated as one of the 9 Captains, my fellow captains and I were the first to step out of the ship.
Obviously, our second in command were ready to leave at a moment’s notice, if…only if things turned for the worse.
“Welcome, predecessors! Welcome to the great world of Munifica!
Thank you for your great courage and sacrifice, and finally, welcome…to your new home.”
A middle-aged woman greeted us.
“You…you are all from Earth.”
I muttered.
“Yes, we are.
After roughly 150 years your mission started, we…
We managed to develop a ship that could arrive in 400 years here, instead of 1000…
So, even after many delays, and careful preparation, we still arrived 3 or 4 centuries before you…”
She said, as she chuckled wryly.
“So, everything is in order?
The planet is safe to live on?
We have enough food, water and so on?”
Another captain asked.
“Yes. Originally, there have been a lot of predatory beasts in the areas of our cities, but we’ve driven them away.
We haven’t killed nor have we used any polluting materials, thus we didn’t embark on the same path as on Earth.
It’s been only a few centuries since we are here, and not everything is discovered, but the water is drinkable, and there are plenty of fruits, vegetables and of course animals safe to consume.
But your resources will be a welcomed, nonetheless!
There is never too much of such things!”
She laughed, and we sighed.
We gestured to our 2nd in command to start to guide the others down from the ship.
It was time to…settle down.
Were we lucky or not?
We came to a dangerous new place, but it turned out that everything was settled.
But in this way…some kind of achievement has been robbed from us…
Lucky or not? Hard to say….
But I don’t mind, I shall enjoy our lives here, as it seems, we came a long way from where we were when I was awake…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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