The house of untold whispers

I sincerely thought I was lucky.
Albeit, never been desperate for a relationship, it felt a bit weird that I was never attracted properly to someone.
I say properly, as I did find people attractive, physically or vibe wise, but never enough to actually make an effort to have a relationship, as usually after a couple conversations or more, they began…
They began trying to use me.
Not blaming them though, I have “Use me” written on my forehead most likely.
But one day, I finally had a “I am so lucky” moment, when I met…her.
She was this cloud of joy and angst to be fair, at the same time.
I met her at a comic convention, and we kind of talked not stop about our favorite comics, and shows.
This led to that, and we soon found ourselves in a relationship.
The days were…sweet.
When talking, when watching, reading together, when “arguing”, since we are both quite the stubborn individuals.
But in the end…I always end up letting it go…she’s just…too good to me.
She understands me, and she loves the things I do. (Even if she came to love them only after meeting me.)
And soon, we decided that we should move in together.
As she had a house in the outskirts of the city, I chose to move in with her.
She even joked for quite a while, that she shall be my sugar-mommy, and will take care of me.
Taking in consideration how awesome, albeit old the house looked, it might’ve been true, even if I also had quite a good job as a doctor.
But then, after moving in, strange things started to happen.
We sometimes sleep on the ceiling without falling down, sometimes the bedroom becomes an ancient forest, a hot-spring, a mountain peak, an island in the ocean and many more…
Sometimes we get ourselves some dogs, cats and other pet-like animals, but they aren’t what they look like…
Sometimes I hear whispers and sometimes shouts…
When I asked my girlfriend what was going on, all she said was :”well, the house is like me…moody.”
As she shrugged it off, I just chuckled.
I didn’t mind it.
It was weird.
It was terrifying, horrifying sometimes.
It was unnerving, and annoying.
It was frightening, and giving me goosebumps.
But at the same time…
It was mesmerizing, amazing, interesting…
It was a house of untold whispers, of untold secrets, of unseen things, creatures and more…
What else could I ask for?
An almost perfect girlfriend and an ever-giving gift like house?
I was truly happy…
Until the whispers became laughter…
Until the scenery became from paradise like to hellish…
Until the pets were not in their pet form anymore…
That was when I started to think…”Unlucky”.
But then again, came she with a smile on her face.
“learn this.”
She said giving me a book.
And afterwards…
I was safe.
And happy once more…
Now, we’ve been married for a few years, decades, centuries…who knows anymore…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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