Thank you, heroes

Ah, the flowers are blooming, I need to be careful not to let the wolf puppies near them, they might get eaten.
As I thought that, I raised my left hand, and a fence was erected around the eastern part of my garden.
Satisfied, I looked towards the south, were a bunch of wolf cubs were playing around, I smiled.
This is life.
Entering the cottage, I sat down in front of the fire, as howls and blasting wind could be heard.
Soon enough, the wolves entered the cottage as well.
“Go to your rooms, mischievous runts!”
I laughed, and they barked cutely, before entering their own rooms.
The cottage was small from the outside, but bigger from the inside.
My powers were related to the void, thus space and time were close to me…
It’s been some years I’ve been banished to this place…
As I thought of this…thunder rumbled outside…
“That…that would’ve probably hurt if I were to be outside…”
I chuckled…
Looking at the flickering flame, I remembered my olden days…
On my previous world, I have lost everything…
My powers were good, but not as refined as now, thus I’ve been used as a transportation mode, and as a walking warehouse and nothing more…
When someone took fancy of my family…they did what they wanted with them, and then…
And then they’ve casually killed them…
When I came back from an extra-planetary mission, what greeted me was their rotting bodies…
Can you blame me for turning my city upside down?
Can you blame me for attacking them again and again and again?
I was…lost in my anger…
I should’ve just waited to be strong enough to force them under the law.
If I am stronger than them, then I could simply imprison them lawfully, or even execute them after a proper investigation…
But I didn’t do that, thus I’ve been labeled as a villain.
I don’t know how much I fought against heroes, but my comprehension of my own ability just kept increasing without an end.
I could use space to trap, to attack, to seal, to redirect and much more…
But in the end, a band of heroes managed to capture me, and send me far away…
And that’s how I got here.
I call it the “Desolate Planet”, it’s an ancient planet filled with primeval forests, oceans, mountains, plains and deserts, and even tundra…
Each filled with beasts of unparalleled ferocity.
The little wolf cubs I raise?
They are each a bit more than 4 times bigger than I am, it’s just I saved them after their mother died in a battle against a humongous owl, and thus we are really close.
It’s been roughly 1000 years since I am here, I guess it’s about time to leave…
I left the cottage, and raised my hands.
The rain stopped.
Well, at least around the cottage, as I sealed the space.
Putting the cottage in my own pocket dimension, I looked around.
I whispered, as I opened a portal back to my original world…
As soon as I stepped out of the portal, great noise hit me.
Flying cars, talking people, it was…lively.
“I am home…”
I muttered.
I teleported to a relatively remote forest, and that’s where I decided to live.
But not even 2 days after I returned, I was visited by old friends.
The heroes were knocking on my door….well trying, because the wolf cubs were growling at them, and they didn’t dare to approach the cottage.
“Haha! Old friends, good to see you again.”
I said.
As the wolves saw me laughing, they went back to play amongst themselves.
“You… Void Monarch…You came back?”
One of them asked.
They looked…old.
It seemed like they haven’t really improved.
“Yes, I came back…
Thank you, heroes.”
I said, bowing slightly.
This gesture scared them, they thought I would attack or something.
“What are you doing?”
One of them asked.
“A thousand years, on a hostile planet…
It made me…think, ponder.
And it made me…better.
So, I am thankful to you, as I am ready to continue my life…maybe even start anew…”
I said.
They were flabbergasted, and warily left.
Not that they believed me, it’s just…
Most likely, even one of the cubs could render them helpless.
I chuckled, as I ruffled the fur of one of the cubs.
“If they went through what I did…
Anyone would change…”
I muttered, as I reentered the cottage, ready to prepare our dinner…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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