You think you could do better?

Our world has gone through a lot, and society collapsed.
The many countries have become mostly wastelands, and resources became so scarce than once common necessities, became treasures.
I was…lucky? Unlucky?
I don’t know what to say.
I was and am a farmer, with quite the land out in the middle of nowhere.
When shit hit the fan, I was able to prepare for it hitting us, and retreated to the forest I had.
Building a huge fence around the forest, building for my family and myself a nice home, and using the free space to plant a lot of vegetables and fruits.
I also took in some poultry and pigs to raise.
Obviously, we had our 4 farm guard dogs as well.
It was good.
The forest was big, but since I was in the middle of nowhere, it took more than 10 years for the true effects to hit us.
Since day 1, we had no electricity, phone, internet and so on, not that it bothered us as we didn’t really have internet before anyway, what was a bit upsetting was that no cars, tractors worked either.
My great-grandfather was mocked back when he bought the land.
“Hah, middle of nowhere, close to the mountains, filled with forests and wildlife…
You need 6 hours to get to the closest town…and it doesn’t even have a proper shop!”
They used to mock.
Well, we grew most of our stuff, so we were happy, it was a long way home from college though, but being homeschooled wasn’t that bad.
But now…
These forests gave us protection, those mountains even more so…
And then it also hit us.
The trees grew slightly sick, and the ground changed.
The waters were still safe to drink, but had a weird taste, so we didn’t know on the long term what it will hold.
And a year after it hit us, the people started to came.
People who ran away from the cities, from the chaos, slowly managed to find us.
We accepted them simply because we realized something.
We were changing as well, my wife could heal people, fact we realized after my grandkid cut herself, and she was healed by my wife.
I on the other hand…I could accelerate the growth of plants, and could connect with animals…
Heh, a generational farmer power, I would say.
Thus, everything was under control.
Nobody with a pervert power has appeared in our surroundings, and with my powers, I could keep things peaceful and fair.
We had plenty of food, and the wild animals around us were slowly tamed by me…even the mutated ones were slowly befriending us.
Years passed, and people kept arriving, and soon our settlement became a small village then a small town.
We all realized something…depressing.
We weren’t really humans anymore.
At this point of time, I was roughly 103 years old, still looking 40…
My parents were alive, thankfully as well, and my grandpa was still amongst us at a staggering 172 years old. (Truth be told, he looked younger than before everything hit.)
I wanted a fair world to be created, not a strong eats the weak, thus I established laws.
They were simple: don’t steal, don’t kill, try to resolve conflicts peacefully.
Basic resources were plentiful thanks to my powers, and thanks to the powers of many others, since in the years that passed, many more awakened abilities similar to mine.
But obviously, nothing could be perfect.
Others wanted what we had.
It wasn’t just us who established a city, a refuge, a sanctuary.
And they wanted our products…
While we traded with some, we weren’t on good terms with others…
And years of conflicts ensued.
And the ones who suffered most were the “powerless”.
An apt, yet cruel name, to be said.
They were stronger, healthier than what we were before it hit us, but that’s all, no abilities, no powers, nothing.
Even if I said “No food for those who mock them”, there would be still people who would toy with the “powerless”…
In our city it was almost bearable, but in other cities and the wilderness…
So there was always unrest amongst the people, but what could I do?
I made a city that had food and water, and the wild animals didn’t prey on us, what else could I do?
Soon, rebels appeared.
First in other cities, but soon they spread to ours as well.
Touting that the ones with power are all corrupt, and using everything and everyone for their own good.
I laughed.
The majority of people are powered, with major and minor abilities alike, nonetheless, most people have powers.
But not that I could do anything about this movement…
Our civilization collapsed, and now we were just rebuilding on its ruins…
Belief, hope, dreams…now held much more power than before.
And thus, one day just like in those novels of the good olden days, my friends, some mutated beasts caught a bunch of kids trying to infiltrate my own home.
I have befriended an owl, a bear family, and a wolf family, each with high intelligence levels, the owl even being to speak human language.
They caught the intruders, and brought them to me, as they knew I disliked bloodshed.
“So, why are you here?”
I asked them.
A tall, fiery red haired young woman stepped out, with a heavy flame burning in her eyes.
“We want change! You are old, and can’t see the truth! The suffering of your people!”
She said.
“So, you want to kill me and replace me?”
I chuckled.
They fell silent, as my friends started to glare at them.
“No…We wanted your secrets towards the growth of vegetables and fruits and crops…
Also the purifying method of water, of soil and of toxic food…”
They said.
“Those are all public information.”
I said, raising an eyebrow.
“But nobody could reproduce your family’s feats!
You must hide a secret!”
The red-head shouted.
 I laughed.
“The secret is generations of farmers and their accumulated affinity and knowledge, and nothing more.
Sadly, I was the only lucky one who both awakened this power and had the proper knowledge, experience and love for growing food, but other cities are doing what we are doing as well.”
I said.
“You are too stubborn…
You give food to everyone, yet you don’t see how the strong steal from the weak!”
She said.
“They never steal everything.”
I countered.
“Heh, should that be warming our stomachs?”
She snorted.
“At least ya’ll aren’t dead, and they don’t dare to do much…much worse things to you.”
I said, as I saw all of them were girls…
“Abdicate, and let us rule! We shall show you the true potential of the ones you call “powerless”.”
She said.
“Says the one with the ability to control fire.
Just like Prometheus gave fire to humans in old myths, you want fame and glory.
But I don’t rule…I supervise, since theoretically, this…is still my land.
But you know what? You think you could do better?
Go, go establish a city, and make your Utopia, I shall finance ya’ll.”
I said, laughing.
They stared at me like at a madman.
“You would do that?”
They asked.
I simply nodded.
This dystopian trope was something my great-great-grandkids really loved….sadly, in real life things aren’t that easy.
I gave them food enough for 10 years, money to build a veritable fortress, and 10 senior healers and growers to help them with the diseases and food.
Half a year later their city was conquered by others, most of them were taken captive…
I bought them back and gave their freedom, but they were too ashamed to speak to me…
Change the world, save the world…
They advertised their location, hoping that many would join their cause.
How childish.
Who would give food, and relative safety up for the sake of an ideal…
And not even their own ideal…
I shall continue researching the soil, the new varieties of crops, fruits, plants…
One day the wastelands shall become fertile once more…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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