Long Forgotten Fame

The universe was at peace.
The many sects, great families and the academy have successfully quelled all unrest.
There were still crimes, and there were still minor conflicts, but no planetary or intergalactic wars were fought.
The days of constant fighting, amongst themselves and against those from other universes are more or less over.
The borders are tightly guarded, while the universe itself is functioning properly under the new system, which allows anyone who’s willing to properly embark on the path of cultivation.
On a merchant planet, where one Empire ruled with their business acumen, life was flourishing to the extreme.
The planet itself was many times expanded with the riches of its inhabitants, stabilized and enriched in elements, energy and laws.
Those born on this planet, were always at least half-a-step ahead of others, thus the conflicts for properties of this planet were always sharp.
Usually, the conflicts were just wealth flaunting, and betting, rarely did it involve actual physical fights.
But, blackmailing and threatening the old natives of the planet, whom they themselves or their ancestors were living on it even prior the enhancements were normal occurrences.
And after millions of years, there was only one original owner left on the planet.
A small house in a mountain village, belonging to an old wood carver in this age.
Today, once more, a group of individuals came to “enjoy the scenery” in the village, and happened to stop in front of the old carver’s house, just as the old man came out with a log of pure wood.
“Old man, your ancestors must’ve been really lucky, to have a house on this planet.”
One of them started.
The old man just laughed.
“This old bag of bones’ ancestors would have been really lucky indeed.”
He said, as he walked away.
He went into the forest not too far away, and in an opening he sat down, and started carving.
Obviously, the group followed him, sniggering, and trying to rile him up.
“Old man, wouldn’t you want to live in a palace? Filled with good food, and not earthen ginger, mushrooms and wild vegetables?
And have as many servants as you can imagine?
We can give it all to you, you just need to sell your house to us.”
One of them said.
The old man just laughed, and shook his head.
“This bag of bones is rather accustomed to this lifestyle…
Palaces…those aren’t my dreams…”
He said.
As he continued carving, the individuals fell silent.
His hand moved perfectly unbothered, unstopped by the wood.
The log in front of him quickly transformed, and soon a lifelike sparrow could be seen.
At this point, one of the individuals from the group gasped, paled and ran away.
Everyone else ran after him, showing that this individual might’ve been the leader of the group.
The old man just chuckled.
He murmured, as he threw the carving up in the air, and watched it fly away.
Then he went up to a fallen tree deep in the forest, and cut a part of it, taking it home.
Back in the village, the group gathered once more.
“What happened Young Master?
Why did you ran away?”
They questioned the one who ran away.
“Y-y-y-you know who my Grandfather is, right?”
The man called by the others “Young Master” stutteringly said.
“Obviously, Forefather Chaotic Storm, born at the same time as our universe from the energy storms themselves.
One of the top figures of our current era, who wouldn’t know of him?”
The others laughing answered.
“I am his only grandson, so he spoiled me a bit…
Thus I was able to spend time in his private Paradise that he opened up in this space…
There, I saw 3 statues.”
The Young Master said.
“Congratulations Young Master!
If you visited Forefather’s own little universe, it means you are certain to be taught the supreme arts as well!”
Everyone congratulated him, but he just shook his head.
“Don’t speak about that, let’s leave!
We messed with the wrong person.”
He said, looking around anxiously.
“The old carver? His nothing but a lucky native…
Might have high potential, but it doesn’t seem he ever cultivated properly.”
They mocked.
“Those 3 statues were of entities that were here before the universe was born.
The Void Empress, whose spawns are our greatest enemies and fear.
The Death Breeze, a cloud of darkness that sniffs out the life of anything and anyone who touches it.
It has a face, but no figure, but its face is learned by all cultivators, so we know to avoid him.
He’s the only one who is common knowledge.”
The Young Master said.
“Yes we know, so what?
Don’t tell me the old carver is one of the 3?”
The others laughed.
But the Young Master gravely nodded.
“The last one…
The Teacher of Life, a benevolent old man whom created life itself…
Grandfather said the only reason anyone was born in this universe was because the Teacher was here in this void before anything happened…
He said that the Teacher is rarely seen as they feel every single death that occurs, thus he is always hidden…”
The Young Master said, taking out a spaceship.
The other all embarked, and left the planet.
Not even 2 days later, the entire planet was evacuated.
All the noble, imperial clans, all the sects left the planet, leaving everything behind.
It didn’t matter how much they’ve invested, or how important the planet is, they all have left.
The old man watched all this with amusement.
“My long forgotten fame made everything quiet once more…”
He chuckled, as he threw into the ocean a carving of a whale like creature…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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