What kind of plot is this?

I sighed, as I rubbed my temples…
What was going on?
I never truly had many friends, it was like I was unable to get close to others.
But 3 annoying brats always followed me, and made my life better.
Sophia, Alex and George were always there for me, ever since kindergarten, we’ve been friends, true friends!
At this point, we are more like family, than just like friends.
We’ve gone through scuffles, detentions and many problems together, but…
But nothing like this…
A goddamn dragon blasted my house to smithereens, while my three goonies of friends, casually warded of the flames…
Sophia took out a shield and a sword, beheading the dragon…
Alex took out a gourd and took in all the blood of the dragon…
While George waved his hands, and waters arose from the air, and washed everything away…
And now, we are flying away on a piece of rock hidden amongst the clouds…
“Are you okay, Matthew?”
Sophia asked.
“What do you think So? What do you think?
A goddamn oversized lizard destroyed my house, and my friends who are always crashing at my place, who can’t seem to properly understand human society, are in fact gods from the Greek Pantheon!
Well, actually it kind of makes sense, since nobody should be able to be so clueless like you guys.”
I sighed.
They all laughed.
“You take this in a stride.”
Alex said.
“And what should I do? When I have such overwhelming evidence in front of me?
I rolled my eyes, as I gestured all around us.
“Calm, yet angry.
You are doing great Matthew.”
George chimed in, with his usual nonsense.
“So, if I gather the evidence well, ya’ll be Athena, Dionysus and Poseidon related divinities, right?”
I asked.
“I am a minor deity under Her Majesty yes.”
Sophia said.
“I am one of his kids.”
Alex said.
“I am one of his army’s commander.”
George nodded.
I sighed.
“What kind of plot is this?
Do I have to save the world?
Help Olympus shift back into our reality?
Fight other pantheons?
Am I the child of some prophecy?
Are my parents just some duds?
Is this some cliché fantasy novel or some chinese cultivation thing?”
I whined.
“Nailed it.”
Sophia giggled.
Alex said.
And George just hummed.
Oh for ….What will come next…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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