Eldritch Mother

The world is filled with wonders and hidden paradises, as well as horrors and hidden nightmares.
In this world, and its many planets people usually tend to flock towards the light, towards the good, the wonders, the paradise.
But, there are still a few who take delight in researching, and dwelling in the shadows, trying to take a glimpse of the nightmares hidden in plain sight.
And such an individual was Helena, a young woman member of a small cult who worshipped a void dweller named “The One who Breathed” .
They believe that this eldritch being was the one who made…everything, and they worship it as such.
Their rituals were simple.
Planting trees, raising animals, healing wounded animals, cleaning forests, camping spots, lakes, rivers, cleaning battlefields, trying to stop wars, and so on…
Yet, they were still thought as an evil group.
And now, Helena was doing something that was considered as a taboo by her cult: summoning their Deity.
It’s true that most such cults thought of summoning their patrons as the greatest honor, but not this cult.
They thought that “The One who Breathed” is too high above of such matter, so it’s best not to bother it.
But now, Helena has no choice…her cult…is no more.
And she is…bleeding out…in her desperation she performed the ritual haphazardly, hoping something would happen.
She whispered, as sleep started to take over her.
And as her remaining breaths could be counted on one hand, time seemed to stop.
Above her a small rift opened, from which a young woman came out.
She was tall with long blood red hair, pale skin and a lot of freckles.
Her eyes were once blue, once green, once purple, once golden.
She wore a dress that fluctuated just like the light of the stars.
“My child, you are hurt…
The young woman said, in all the tongues of the world at once, and Helena’s wound all healed.
Even the ailments she had, would’ve had all had healed.
Helena waking up, and looking in front of her, bowed.
“Great One! Thank you! Thank you for saving me!”
She said.
“Saving you? Thank me?
Child, I just did what any mother would do.”
The young woman giggled, and Helena lost herself in the sound of her laughter.
Indeed, the young woman was the eldritch being, and she considered herself the mother of everything that was, is and will be.
“What happened, child?
Are you and your siblings quarrelling once more?”
She asked.
“I guess so…”
Helena said, unclear about the Great One’s attitude.
“Let me clean the house a bit, rowdy kids need to be punished.
Family should cherish family.”
She said, and waved her hands.
Then…nothing, she just smiled.
“Now it’s all good, I’ve chosen some of your siblings to keep the order.
Go now, be happy, enjoy your life, I am going back to sleep.
Wake me up if it gets messy once more.”
She said, ruffling Helena’s hair, and disappearing into the rift.
Helena was baffled, and shakily bowed once more.
Then it took her days to gather the courage to leave her hiding spot…
When she left she was welcomed by a warm sight.
The many factions of her planet all…allied together.
Many new leaders were chosen, and everything was…ordered.
The land that was dead was now rich once more, and many creatures long extinct were back again.
And this happened on many planets in this world.
Laws were put in place to resolve any conflict peacefully, and those who try to be violent would be met with harsh punishments by the Chosen Ones…
Helena was happy.
She got a good job in an administrative position, and lived a happy life.
Even though many centuries have passed since the day she almost died, she never once forgot to pray to the Great One…to the Mother…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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