A greater danger

Our world is filled with miracles, but where there is light, there is darkness as well.
The dangers of our world are countless, but the Heaven’s haven’t forsaken us, thus we can train in order to protect ourselves from this cruel world.
I was a hunter in his world, specialized in draconic beings.
Long story short, this meant I hunt dragons and anything that has dragon blood in them.
And now I am walking towards the shore of a kingdom, where the cliffs are said to be taken over by an aquatic dragon.
Aquatic dragons are known to be quite hungry for human flesh, and to be fair, with the tides, those cliffs are almost completely underwater, so it’s not hard for a dragon to inhabit it.
Especially since aquatic dragons aren’t solely underwater beings, they are amphibian in nature, it’s just they live mostly underwater.
Their scales are strong, they have long, huge strong bodies, and their claws and horns are poisonous.
They are quite hard to deal with if you don’t know their weaknesses.
But I am used to hunting them.
Their weaknesses are a certain flower’s fragrance, and lightning or electricity how the sorcerers call its weaker form.
As I travelled towards the cliffs, I’ve seen countless abandoned villages, and met with a lot of travellers and refugees.
Just the thought of a dragon walking the lands scared so many people away…
It’s hard for us, even if we can train.
Beasts have longer lives and tougher bodies.
Thankfully, they are instinct driven, and thus we can outmaneuver them.
Of course, some old folks stayed, as they are much more stubborn and much harder to be scared away than the young ones.
They helped me with some resources, and a roof over my head. (I don’t like to occupy a house, even if it’s abandoned.)
But as I got closer, I felt that something was weird…
There were no signs of a dragon around here…
And dragons don’t stay put in one place until 2 things: they’ve hoarded enough treasures which is impossible or they laid their eggs.
I hoped it’s simply because I was fast enough, and I was lucky enough to encounter a young dragon that knows not what to do in this new environment.
But when I arrived at the cliff, I realized how wrong I was…
The cliffs were mauled, completely destroyed.
It was like Mother Nature has said “I don’t want to see you anymore” to the cliff, and all the elements unleashed their fury on them.
It’s not a surprise people ran away due to the loud noises…
But what…what happened here?
As I investigated, I found a cave and a tunnel system that wasn’t completely collapsed.
I carefully navigated it, and stumbled upon a great cave that connected directly to the sea…
There I saw the dragon.
It’s head as big as a house…this was no youngling.
As I got closer, the stench hit me, and then I saw it.
The dragons lower half was…bitten, and taken away.
Teeth marks on where the body separated into two were clear…and terrifying.
I ran out, and headed straight to the Capital as fast as I could.
I needed to talk with the mages, knights and other warriors.
It was good that the dragon was dead, but there was a greater danger here…
There was something that could eat an adult dragon…easily as I saw no blood, or remains of anything else, even though signs of great struggle were present…
I hurried my steed to go, faster and faster…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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