Supernatural monopoly

I’ve been always an average business owner.
It’s not that I didn’t have ideas, or opportunities, it’s just…others were simply better, either skill wise or connection wise.
But everything changed when I moved back to my childhood home.
There I found something…unreal.
In the attic there was…something, a pulsating blob of grey matter, or that was how it looked.
I was scared.
It had an aura of something…dangerous.
And as I was marveling at its sight, a red hand came out of it.
Then another hand, a head with golden horns, and in the end a tall red humanoid figure stood in front of me.
“Human! Great, so it really is the mortal realm!”
It boomed.
It was a demon….
I couldn’t believe it.
I fell back, and trembled.
“Don’t worry! I am here today to ask for your help! We need  you mortals to do away a great displeasing matter of my Lord’s territory.”
It laughed, helping me up…with a single finger.
“A matter for a demon Lord…
You need my help?”
I asked.
It’s about a rather small quantity of two substances that are slightly toxic to us demons.
They aren’t deadly, but their amount disrupts our daily lives and practices, so we need to get rid of them.
But since magic won’t work on it, and they weaken our bodies, it would take too much to do it by ourselves.
So, that’s where you, humans come into the picture.”
It said.
I was already thinking of something, but if this is how I think it is…I can make it big.
“Is it maybe iron and salt?”
I asked.
The demon nodded gravely.
“Indeed it is.
So, are you willing to help, or am I to erase your memories and look for someone else?”
It continued.
“I will help! I will help!
But…can you open this portal somewhere else? Also, can you make sure no worker of mine has proper recollection of…of hell?”
I said.
“Yes and yes. Smash this sigil and the portal will open…
And about the minions you will send…no worries.
Good. This is good, you having minions means I found something actually not useless.
Get to it as soon as you can human.”
It said, patting my shoulder which made me wince, before leaving.
I was scared…
But this was too big of an opportunity to not make use of…
So I sold some of my assets, and build a large warehouse out in the outskirts of our city.
Then I bought rights to mine in several mountains where there was sign of different resources, but it was too risky, and not certain enough to be actually used by the big players.
And then…I started working for the demons.
The little resources they found slightly displeasing, were actually mountain ranges filled with salt and iron…
My workers were mind controlled by the demons to work harder, and to ask no questions, but their wages were better than a doctor’s.
I quickly begin to rise in popularity…and quickly came under scrutiny.
But a few blocks of iron, of salt thrown from my warehouse into those mountains I bought rights to solved most problems.
In 10 years I became one of the big players.
Due to my cooperation with them going smoothly, the demons gifted me fruits and different…scriptures.
Let’s just say, I was 50 years old, and looked 20, felt 18 and could move like a goddamn comic book character.
In 50 years I might even have monopoly in salt and iron…a supernatural monopoly…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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