Becoming invincible due to somebody’s boredom

Watching my parents jump around in happiness, and brag about how I cast my first spell at only 3 years old, I sighed.
It wasn’t easy to pretend to be a child.
Let’s clarify this, 3 years old spell equals an above average prodigy, nothing more.
There are kids whom are born with innate talents strong enough to level worlds, so this?
This be nothing.
Truth be told…
I could also be terrifying at this point, but I decided against it…
Prior to be born to this bunch of happy people, I was…a simple policeman.
Not excellent, not bad, just barely above the line.
Had just a few years on the service, wanted to get serious with my girlfriend, and then it happened.
A robbery went wrong, a child in the line of fire, instincts kicked it, and I found myself shot…
And obviously, I died.
When I woke up, I was in a wooden cabin, sitting on a couch.
In front of me was a tall man, with golden eyes, golden hair and pure white robe.
All around us were different individuals, man and woman, munching on something, and looking at me with interest.
I felt…awkward.
The man sitting in front of me was the owner of the cabin…and the god who whisked away my soul.
“I’ve taken your soul away, because I need your help.”
He said.
“Why me?”
I asked.
“You aren’t surprised, at all. Quite a nice mortal you are.”
Another individual in the room said, but I couldn’t discern which one.
“I was shot…in the head…
I am pretty sure, I died or I am dreaming this.
It doesn’t really matter, anyway, screaming, crying or being frozen won’t help me.”
I said.
“This is why I chose you!
Despite living in utter mediocrity, your heart, your beliefs were always clear! Always strong, and never wavering!
In my world, that needs saving, this quality will be of paramount importance.”
The man said.
“T-thanks, I guess?”
I said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.
“I will bless you, and give you innate draconic magic talent.
Dragons are beings that are loved by nature and the universe of my world, thus being able to easily manipulate the various energies that are everywhere.
With this talent, you would be as talented, as the most monstrous dragon prodigy.”
He said.
“Oh, let me throw in a demonic Buddha body tempering method!”
An individual said.
“Yeah, this sounds interesting, here take a Soul Flower, it will live in your soul, making it purer and stronger by the day!”
Another individual chimed in.
And so did 5 more.
By the end, I realized that a few gods, devils, beasts and eldritch entities have blessed me.
“Isn’t…Isn’t this a bit too much?”
I asked, knowing of this plot from some of the novels I perused.
“Nah, don’t worry, we are bored, you might entertain a bit, it’s worth it.
Also, it’s for this old shy fellow’s world.”
One of them shrugged.
Then, I was sent here…
I am now 3 years old, but I mastered the elementary 5 elements, thunder, gravity, ice, mirage, and time laws…
It is but elementary level, but this already puts me on the same level as the heirs of 3rd grade powers…
What…What has been done?
Becoming invincible because someone’s boredom is truly….truly awkward.
I sighed, and went back in to nap.
I shall act as a child as long as I can….

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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