Road to the Sanctuary

In a remote village, close to the borders of an ancient forest there were legends older than the village itself.
A huge rock depicting a purple road in the middle of the forest, leading towards a floating island.
This legend says that every now and then, the road appears and monsters, deities and devils appear alongside it, kidnapping the unsuspecting villagers that dare to thread the holy road.
And today, in a small hut built by teenagers, a gathering was held concerning this very mysterious road.
“Everything in order?”
A tall, thin boy asked.
“Tent, water for four for 10 days, food for the same time, 4 knives, 2 spears, 9 torches, winter clothes, antidotes and insect repellants.
Also ropes, first aid kits, and for the worst case scenario a scroll with a teleportation spell…”
A tall, athletic young girl answered.
At the last item, they all inhaled sharply.
That item cost them almost everything…but it was worth it.
For their friend, everything was worth it.
These 4 teenagers were from this village, and they used to be 5 in their group, going out, hunting, gathering herbs, training, doing everything together.
But 2 weeks ago, one of their friends disappeared…
And on the spot he disappeared, and his knife was found the ground was untouched.
It was like he flew away…
The villagers thought that maybe a flying beast caught him, or he was dragged by an unknown entity, thus the entire village was on guard.
But the 4 knew another possibility.
The legend.
If he walked on the road, then it’s obvious there are no signs, as the road should be solid.
And after the road disappears, obviously there would be no signs of him walking there.
Thus they planned to seek out the road, walk on it and find their friends.
And they didn’t dare to dilly dally, and started their search this very night.
They went into the forest, behind the back of the adults, and soon they were engulfed in darkness.
Not even their torches were strong enough to light the road properly.
“W-w-w-was this a mistake?”
One of them asked, as insects sang their song all around them, and the wind rustled the leaves.
“No! He saved you when you fell into the river! Now it’s our turn to save him!”
The tall thin boy said.
They all fell quiet.
They were friends, but closer than that…
They all grew up together, and experienced their lives together, it wasn’t easy to give up on each other.
Especially since they were used on relying on each other.
And then, a slight light appeared underneath them.
A purple road, the color of royal purple appeared underneath them, filled with engravings of creatures, deities and beasts.
“This…this is it!”
They exclaimed.
Then they fell silent.
They took out the knives, spears, and with the lead of the tall thin youngster they began their journey.
They walked the road for what seemed ours, amongst the sea of trees, yet they were nowhere near its end.
“Do you guys hear that?”
The girl asked.
The others asked.
“Exactly, it got…silent.
No insects, birds, wind…nothing.”
She said.
They stopped at this.
Indeed, where did the sounds go?
“Let’s…let’s continue going forward.”
The thin tall boy said.
But now, they were huddled even closer.
But they shouldn’t have been worried, for soon enough, a blinding light presented itself in front of them.
As they entered the light, they found themselves in a great opening, almost like a plain, that was seemingly there and yet not there.
And in the middle of it, there was the great palace, towering over the forest, over them, its roof even piercing the sky.
And as soon as they lay eyes upon it, its gates opened and out came…him.
Their good friend.
But he was…different.
Paler, taller, and almost…almost looking happier?
They shouted, and rushed up to him.
They all hugged.
“What happened? Are you okay? Did someone do something to you? Do you eat well? Here some jerky!”
They bombarded him with questions, and Paul just laughed.
“I am okay…
In fact, I am even better than back in the village…because I am…home…”
Paul said.
At this the 4 sighed, then smiled.
“You’ve awoken some strange bloodline, right?”
They’ve asked.
“Yes, a Moon Vampire, a noble vampire bloodline that matured is actually a Lord level one.”
He said.
“Good for you.”
They said, but they were sad.
Humans were the rulers of the world, cultivating strong powers that are attuned with nature itself.
Any other race is…sadly ostracized…
“So, this palace is a safe place for anything not…human?”
They’ve asked.
Paul nodded.
“It was long ago made by deities, demons and myriad races working together.
Theoretically, humans have a place here too, as it was made as an ark in case of a tragedy, a calamity…”
Paul said.
“But now, humans are the calamity…at least for the other races.”
The 4 said.
Paul just nodded.
“Okay, we haven’t found Paul, and we were scared by some bats.
Let’s leave.”
The thin tall boy said.
The 4 turned around.
“Take care, Paul.”
They said.
“Thank you…”
He said, going back to the palace.
The 4 returned to the village, and exaggerated the dangers of the forest, trying to discourage anyone from hunting too deep…
After all, their friend’s Sanctuary is there…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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