Privilege of choice

On my world, there are plenty of different races, yet there is no race at birth.
Our world is weird in that way.
When life first began, there was no gender, no race, just…living beings…
Then, when the need appeared, the first living beings changed into races that would allow them to survive better.
Elves, dwarves, dragons, goblins, trolls, orcs, kun-pengs, leviathans, behemoths…whatever the universe could give, one could choose here, on our planet.
And sadly, for my poor free time…
I am this world’s first born, and it’s Story Teller.
My job is simple.
I know of everything, thus I have to answer any question any young one might ask, in order to guide them to a proper choice.
The people of these lands have the privilege of choice, choosing the race they wish to be, and afterwards, they can even leave this planet and join the mainland of any of these races.
After all, regardless of the race of their parents, the newly born are always raceless, genderless.
And here I stand, as a guide, mentor and old man, for all these fledglings.
And today, another batch has come forward to meet me, just how they do, every single day…
“Now, younglings, one by one you shall tell me your choice or ask me a question about the races of the universe.
Don’t forget, your deepest desire, your true self, your personality must guide you well and resonate with the traits of a race, otherwise, you will have a truly hard life in front of you.”
I said, chewing some jerky.
“Can I become a God?”
A youngling asked.
“The Race? Yes. Literal deity governing over a certain aspect/concept of the universe? No.
But if you choose that Race you will start to find your own aspect and grow into it slowly.
It is a race that is virtually immortal, and is amongst the top 10 races potential wise.
They have genders, but after they reach a certain level in their training, it doesn’t matter anymore, but if you choose that Race at first, you will need to choose a gender as well.”
I said.
“I want to be an elf!”
Another youngling shouted.
I sighed, and threw them a booklet.
“Read it, youngling.
The elven race is filled with subspecies, forest, land, mountain, underground, high, low elves are just the popular ones.
There are the lake, river, ocean ones, the volcanic elves, the night, the day, the sky and many more elven tribes as well, each with their unique traditions, traits and abilities.
As I said, look deep inside, and choose wisely, take your time.”
I said.
“What about dragons? Dragons are cool!”
Another youngling shouted.
Sighing once more, I threw a thick book at them.
“Those are the subspecies of dragons, and variations, mutations of it.
Also, it contains other races that are draconic in nature like Wyrms, Drakes, Wyverns, Dragon Elephants and so on…
Each different dragon tribe has its own specialties, choose wisely young one.”
I said, chewing on another piece of jerky.
And one by one, the younglings have chosen their new races.
Afterwards, I opened a portal for each of them, to go to their respective races. (most of them have chosen the race of their parents anyways.)
But as always, before leaving, they have to ask that question.
“Story Teller, what race do you belong to?”
They always ask.
“When I was young, and foolish, and was the very first to be given this privilege of choice…
I’ve chosen to be the most important race ever.
That race only has one member, and will always has only one member…me.
My race is simply… Story Teller.”
I said, chuckling.
The young ones whined, but still left, unsatisfied with my answer.
But it was the truth.
Conceited, arrogant and greedy for power, I’ve chosen such an answer, and I’ve been given my desire.
True immortality, nigh-omnipotence…with a heavy burden…
Not that I complain, but it does gets boring when you have eternity at your disposal…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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