Fey Coffee Shop

While the world was old, life…was even older.
Many beings came into being when Earth was but a possibility and nothing more.
And these beings spread across the universe, and when Earth came into being, they came here as well, with knowledge and a civilization far beyond our understanding.
But life always finds a way, and life is always strange.
Thus, the natives of Earth triumphed over the others, and became the hegemons of the planet.
This way, those beings which were much older than we are…the humans, have retreated into the shadows.
But they were still strong, and unique, these fey, as we call them.
And not all of them are hiding in the shadows, content with whatever they have, following the ways of the olden days.
Some have adapted, and lived with humans, changing as the times did.
That’s the case with my bosses as well.
They are fey.
Two beautiful women, whom can make people do things if they tell them their names.
Also, the moment someone tells them their name, they take a bit of their “fortune”.
Consider it as luck, they take a bit of their luck.
Guess where do I work?
If you guessed coffee shop, you are goddamn right.
And since some great brand popularized the “want your name on the cup”, it’s been quite easy for them to “make it even more personal” and include the family name as well.
And since we are in an average sized town, where people are really friendly, they had no problems with it so far.
But there is a question, that some of you reading this might ask.
I am talking from the perspective of a human, so how do I know they are fey?
Well, I am indeed a human, but my parents are the owners of this coffee shop.
They’ve adopted me, when they’ve decided they want to have kids.
Not that it’s the only way I could’ve found out their secret.
They are in the business since I was a kid…I am 18, and they still look the same.
Their hair color changes every single day, and so does their eye color.
They are way too happy, and kind though thankfully, most people aren’t that bad around these parts, so it’s not that obvious.
Last but not least…the coffee shop’s name…
“Fey Coffee Shop” is the name, while our motto?
“Enjoy the magic”…
In the last 5 years, since I can’t say for certain anything from before that, they’ve never cashed in a “name”.
Meaning they’ve never used somebody’s name to influence them.
But we do have a lot of customers, mostly locals and therefore they are regulars.
Whenever tourists or someone new comes into the town, their first stop usually is our shop.
We won contests that we haven’t even applied for.
So, those little bits of “fortune”, help a lot, so my mothers aren’t really in need to cash in the true power of one’s name.
This way, it’s less likely to stand out…
It’s not like it’s an absolute secret, their existence…
And we wouldn’t want to gain the attention of less…peaceful fellows…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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