Villains are lucky

“Villains are lucky.”
I said it.
That’s how I really feel.
Being a villain might seem as bad vibes, as everybody would hate them and fear them, right?
Well, newsflash, being a superhero is the same, it’s just that our even tiniest mistakes are blown out of proportions.
It’s tiring you know?
Being the superhero of a fairly large city, and all I get is “Get out of my town, you freak!”, “Are you an idiot? Can’t you be careful when fighting those monsters?” and so on…
Heh, careful…
Fighting a 100 meter tall lizard, and they want be to not let it step on their lawn…
Villains kill 100 people to steal something? They are monsters.
I fail to save 1 individual whilst saving the entire city? I am a monster.
It’s funny to read as a superhero, superhero related comics.
Fan clubs, some universes even worshipping superheroes and whatnot.
Here superheroes are the norm, yet still we are the “threat”.
Even I am a governmental employee, after all, I made a contract with the city.
I am properly documented, even if my true identity is not public.
Yet, somehow, I am a stranger and a menace.
The random thieves who melt your doors down to enter your home?
The villains that blow up malls and banks for fun?
The ones that kidnap people for the kicks?
The ones who experiment on others?
All these evil-doers whom I stopped?
Nah, they are just villains, it’s normal they do this, just how it’s obvious that I have to save everyone, because I am a hero.
There is no need for thanking me or at least leaving me be.
And the worst thing is…
I just can’t stop.
My parents didn’t raise a quitter, nor a turncoat, so I just can’t ignore my fellow townsman or actually any other human being when they are in danger.
I just simply can’t look the other way.
Argh, it’s goddamn annoying, but I have to vent from time to time.
People are so ungrateful…
One would think it would be like in movies, that went you save them, they are happy.
But all they can do, is grumble and complain that “You could’ve been gentler than that…”
Or other remarks…
Alas, as a superhero this is my job, and I do enjoy helping others, and I do it voluntarily…
But damn it…
Am I not literally bullied for it, while villains are feared and even respected…
I will say it once more.
Here, on our world…villains are…lucky…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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