Might as well consider it as a promotion

Father has always been obsessed with mythology, while mother was a biologist.
So, growing up on the farm of my grandparents, and with parents like that, it’s not strange that I became an animal control officer.
My job’s been simple, taking care of animals, and making sure people had the proper documents for the animals and care properly for them as well.
I was happy.
My family was happy.
I had a beautiful wife, and two little stars of daughters.
Life was good, then everything changed.
Nobody know what the hell happened.
Gates of Hell opened, or a portal to another dimension.
Whether some idiot messed with the wrong things and created this, or it was some sort of cosmic phenomenon, but…
But one day, all animals started to go berserk.
Most died, but those that survived evolved.
Even those that died, changed everything, as their blood corroded everything unnatural, while also strangely fertilizing the ground.
My father’s research concerning possible evolutions of normal animals towards mythological beings, my mother’s research concerning mammals and their strength, and my expertise with animal handling and affinity for animals became…a hot commodity.
Father and mother were sent to a secret research facility, while I was sent to…hunt animals or well, we could call them creatures.
Everything was tolerable at first, but the creatures never stopped developing.
We were finding it harder and harder to fight back.
That’s when we’ve realized that eating their meat (or at least the meat of most of them), could help us strengthen our bodies.
We started to fight back, but even then, we were just un par with the beasts body strength wise…
Number wise…we were outmatched, they were simply too numerous.
Especially the insects and rodents, these 2 groups made our lives…almost impossible to be lived.
Our territories shrunk, until each continent housed but a few hundred mega-cities, where 90% of the population lived.
After all, in 5 years, the creatures strengthened enough, that small caliber rounds couldn’t even scratch their itches…
In 10 years, they’ve become mostly unbothered by guns, regardless of their caliber…
I transitioned from being a hunter, to being a hunter and a guardian…
Protecting my hometown, that became 100 times bigger, I was actually…kind of happy.
My family was well, both my parents were important to the whole world, and so was I.
My wife, my kids benefitted because of this, and they were also getting stronger than the majority…
And most importantly…
I befriended several creatures, that already proved that they can communicate freely with me…
That means that there is a chance that one day, the creatures will be able to talk, and then, maybe I will be able to negotiate with them…
It’s hard, this life and death scenario that happens almost daily, but it’s not that different…
I still have to take care of animal problems, and check if somebody has some rare exotic ones illegally in their home.
Since I can’t change what happened, I might consider it as a promotion, and might as well enjoy it…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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