What has to happen, will happen

Our story began rather normally.
My father was a general, under his father’s rule.
They were good friends, because his father was the kind of ruler who also joined the battlefield.
Thus, we were raised almost as brothers, even though he was the heir of the kingdom.
Oddly enough, both of us were weirdly talented.
He in magic and tactics, me in close-combat and swordsmanship.
Both abnormally suited to energy absorption, and control, it just manifested in different ways.
And that’s how the legend of the “Twin Stars” began.
At school, we flabbergasted the teachers.
Well, he did so with his wits, I did it so with my annoying antics, or how I called them “boredom relievers”.
Then we were admitted to the best academy in the Empire, where the same thing continued.
In our first year, we’ve decimated a bandit stronghold over 3000 strong, all by ourselves.
Was quite easy, compared to his ideas, whatever the bandits tried out, was way too easy to predict.
In our 2nd year, his father sent him, and with him, I went as well, as we are a package, to a battle between armies.
It was quite tiring to see them kill each other, so I went ahead and beheaded the enemy general, and kind of stopped the war afterwards.
My best friend was mad at me, since he had a perfect plan to capture the general, and ransom him, but alas, he knew how I was, so he just sighed, and rounded up the remaining enemy soldiers.
In our 3rd year, we were sent to conquer a neighboring kingdom, that rebelled a few months prior.
It took us 2 years to take the kingdom down, and make them once again the Empire’s subject, it was quite fun, they had a lot of strong practitioners.
Then in our 4th and last year, we got our hardest mission…
We needed to go to the Forgotten Lands, and create our own Empire.
The Forgotten Lands, were a piece of land infinitely larger than the continent we were on, and supposedly it fell from the Heavens.
It was filled with beasts, demons, and myriad other races other than humans.
It was the very definition of chaotic.
And in order for an entity to be considered an Empire, it had to have at least 10 billion subjects, 1 billion square kilometers territory, and countless requirements concerning practitioners and their levels.
But we accepted it gladly.
After all, any other task would’ve been boring.
It took us roughly 60 years, fighting and uniting tribes, villages, towns, and cities.
Creating a kingdom, and slowly expanding it until it became an Empire.
I became the Grand Marshall, while he was obviously the Emperor.
But I could still bash his head if he wanted to do something stupid, and he could still burn my eyebrows off if I annoyed him.
We were…brothers, rather than simple best friends.
But his intentions were different than mine, yet complementary.
He wanted to unite the entire Forgotten Lands, and all the other continents of our world, while all I wanted was to train to be the strongest.
So that’s what we did.
It took us roughly 8 thousand years, but we did it…
We did the impossible and united the entire world.
He became the first Emperor of the Soleaun Dynasty, and I was his hidden ace.
He didn’t gave me any official position anymore, but rather a simple title.
The Strongest of the Dynasty, was what title I was bestowed, alongside with the most treacherous and dangerous mountain range as a fiefdom.
Not that I disliked it, after all, I begged for it as it would be an amazing place to train and meditate at.
But then…he got married, and his wife was not from our world…
Thus his ambitions were ignite once more…
And out in the great universe we started our expansion…
It wasn’t easy, but it was entertaining, and training in space, and on other planets, moons and even stars was doing wonders for my growth, so I was happy to help him.
But then, we hit a few obstacles.
After all, this was like the Forgotten Lands, where there was no unity.
Other Dynasties, Sects and organizations did exist, and with a much, much longer history than ours.
So, in order to make sure he wasn’t reckless, we went to a hermit who was skilled in divination.
We asked for our fate to be read.
“You shall be a great ruler, uniting 1092 galaxies under your rule, becoming the 984th most influential individual in our realm.”
The hermit said to my friend.
Looking at me, he smiled, laughed and then sighed.
“You will be killed by him.”
He said to me, while pointing to my best friend.
I laughed, and shrugged.
“You know I would never do that!”
He said to me, while throwing a tantrum about how silly that was, and how he wasted so much treasures for such a divination.
“What has to happen, will happen.”
I said, laughing.
And he laughed as well.
In the next quarter million of years, we expanded madly, and stabilized everything, when his rule achieved exactly 1092 galaxies.
He came to me once more, assuring me he would never harm me.
I chuckled, and drank with him.
Afterwards, he said his done with expanding, and I was happy.
I had time to train, now on a planet that was solely mine.
A nice planet, covered in forests and swamps, and lakes bigger than our home planet.
Then roughly 10 thousand years later, I was invited to a banquet, as he took his 9th Empress, marrying once more.
Eating and drinking, I had fun, but he was really preoccupied with the envoys from other forces.
I sighed.
I was the last to leave.
Watching the moons dancing in the night sky, I looked at him.
He was trying to thrust a sword into my heart, but the sword couldn’t even pierce my skin.
I chuckled.
“The poison tasted nice, but it’s not as strong as the toad poison back on my training planet.”
I said, pushing away his sword.
The moment my finger touched the sword, it exploded into myriad pieces.
“Y-y-y-you! I am your Emperor!”
He said.
“No, you are an Emperor, but you were my brother…my friend.
What has to happen will happen, Emperor.
You killed your best friend tonight.”
I said, leaving.
I went back to train, but somehow our little quarrel spread.
He was attacked by multiple Empires, but he was equal to me in talent, just he diverted his mostly to management of his factions…
He grew his Empire from 1092 galaxies, to 1505, and he made the galaxy I was in a forbidden zone.
I chuckled when I heard the news.
At least…he wasn’t completely heartless…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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