A Down to earth Emperor

Marcus was a brave man, with a wisdom and vision few had.
Alas, he fell victim to the many stories, and fabricated “truths” of the world, and attempted to assassinate the Emperor by his lonesome self.
He was easily captured by the Imperial Guardsman, and thrown at the feet of the man who ruled over everything under the amethyst skies…the Emperor himself.
The Emperor was a man that was immeasurably tall even while seated.
His short, green hair shone underneath the golden crown.
Wearing loose, royal blue robes with myriad stars on them, he smiled at Marcus.
“Young man, I hear you wish to kill me, why is that?”
He asked, in an amused voice.
Before Marcus could answer, he felt his head being pushed to the floor.
“Your Majesty! Don’t waste your time with this traitor, we shall have his head, and be done with this foolish matter.”
A guardsman said.
The Emperor frowned, and it was like the world darkened and froze.
“Did I ask you?”
He slowly said, with a smile that wasn’t a smile.
“N-n-n-o Your Majesty…I deeply apologize.”
The guardsman said, bowing and leaving.
Marcus lifted up his head.
“The people suffer, while you enjoy the riches of the lands!
It’s not fair!”
He shouted.
The officials, and the guardsmen frowned, but the Emperor chuckled.
“So, you wanted to kill me, and replace me, is that right?”
He asked.
Marcus answered.
At this the Emperor started laughing.
“And what about my family? My children? My loyal generals? What would’ve you done if they weren’t happy with this…change?
I already read about you, you are supposed to be wise, and won quite a few battles, so tell me your plan.”
The Emperor asked with a smile.
“Not everyone is loyal to you…
And amongst the suffering people, there are many talented individuals I could’ve had help me…”
Marcus said, with a glint in his eyes.
“Oh, I know my Head Guardsman wants me dead, no need to be looking at him, I know he would help you.
Also, Left Minister, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Rites would do so too.
Not that they aren’t loyal to me, but they aren’t truly loyal.
I know about the mess in my house, but about the commoners…I think you meant them when saying “suffering people”, what do you mean by that?”
The Emperor asked.
The Head Guardsman froze, and so did the ministers mentioned.
But they did nothing.
After all, the court’s schemes and games are hard to be discerned.
And sometimes a certain enemy is much more welcomed than an uncertain friend.
“You sure are not like the corrupt, foolish, power hungry Emperor I was told about…”
Marcus said, breaking free of his restraints, and standing up.
“People underestimate you if you are any of those things, so, sometimes I play along.”
The Emperor shrugged.
“People have no food, the lands of the Empire are ravaged by both natural and man-made calamities…
Your imperial family is indeed helping the people by the construction of the Martial and Mystic Halls, in order for the commoners to learn either the body refining or law controlling paths…
But… it’s not enough, not enough.”
Marcus said.
“…*Sigh*, figured so much, but still, it’s disappointing…”
The Emperor said.
“What do you mean?”
Marcus asked.
“We have wood, life and water mystics trained in order to rehabilitate the lands, so the food can be grown continuously, without damaging the soil…in a very short amount of time.
We have warriors and mystics alike on the call to help villages all around the Empire…
Or at least we should have…”
The Emperor sighed.
That’s a thorough and down-to-earth approach that covers most aspects…”
Marcus muttered.
“I follow the path I stepped on as a youth, so I take seriously the threads that connect me to this Empire…
But it seems people have forgotten about my nickname back when I was just the 5th prince…”
The Emperor said, standing up.
Right then, Marcus felt that even the world itself was just a grain of sand compared to the Emperor…
“Marshall, do you plead guilty?”
The Emperor asked.
“Guilty of what Your Majesty?
We respected and noble practitioners should waste our time and endanger our lives for the sake of mere mortals?”
The Marshall started, but the Emperor just sighed.
Right then, the Marshall froze into an ice-cube then shattered into million pieces.
“Emperor’s Fate, come out.”
He continued, and 10 figures, dressed completely in golden clothes appeared.
“Your Majesty.”
They said in unison.
“Cleanse my house, my empire, and relay my decree once more.
The people of these lands are my people be it mortal or not, so are the forests, the plains, the mountains and lakes, the beasts and birds, ghosts and dead.
If I have to personally take care of everything, I would have no time to cultivate, thus I decree that this youth in front of us will be an imperial advisor, in charge of talent recruitment.
That’s it.”
The Emperor said, before leaving.
Marcus was left aghast…
He came in as a righteous hero, fell to the status of a prisoner, traitor, then rose to the status of an imperial advisor…
He sighed.
“The Emperor saw my talents, and used them…
I am afraid if he wanted me dead…not even my trump cards would be useful…”
Marcus thought, as he was led away by one of the Fate’s…

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