Encounter in the barren lands

Another day, another dust cloud to watch.
I woke up in my little cave, and walked out.
The dust clouds were here and there being blown by the cataclysmic winds.
I yawned.
Walking through the forest of stick like thorny trees, I watched as the 5 stars shone on the land.
It was goddamn hot, but you get used to it.
Walking on and on, I finally arrived at the swamp green ocean.
As you might have already guessed it, yes, it was poisonous.
But it was also beautiful.
The waves often oscillated between swamp green, algae green, amethyst purple and sometimes even a soft ruby red…
This is how I spent my days.
All alone…
The wind leaves no trace on me, nor does the dust, the rain, the lightning, the ashes, the snow or the thorns…
On that note, nor do I leave any trace, at least not lasting ones…
Time stretches thin around here, a moment or an eternity, doesn’t really differ.
And then, I heard it.
I look behind, and there it is…
But a dot at first, but quickly grows larger.
A shadow, starting to loom over me, and then I see…
It’s a beast, 8 legs, each easily confused with a mountain.
Its head like a deer’s, with horns like that of a golden dragon.
Its skin scaly, grey and black.
Its teeth, each 10 times bigger than I am.
It growled at me, its 6 blood red eyes filled with mirth.
“Tremble, cower, scream!”
They seemed to say.
But I laughed, laughed well and loud.
“Finally, another living being!”
I said, patting one of his…toes? I guess.
The beast roared.
“What are you doing, mere mortal!?
Be afraid, tremble! I am a monster, one that has been sent here to destroy this world!
Why, why are you laughing!?”
It asked.
I laughed even harder.
“Go ahead, destroy the planet.
I wonder, if I will be able to leave, or I will be stuck in place in this space…”
I sighed.
“Why aren’t you afraid?”
It boomed.
“Why should I?
You can’t kill me, believe me, I tried and I know it for sure.
And even if you destroy the planet, it means nothing to me…
After all, this place has been dead for a looong time…”
I shrugged.
Suddenly, the beast staggered and took a few steps back.
“You…you are one of the Cursed…
I have information about you in my inherited memories…
You are calamities worse than the travelling void or the space-time storms…”
It spoke, shivering.
“Yes, I guess, but I really am just a hermit now…”
I said, chuckling.
But it didn’t matter.
The beast, easily hundreds of millions of times my size, shrieked and then…left.
It simply left.
I shrugged, and continued watching the sea.
That felt good.
Haven’t had a conversation in aeons…
An encounter in the barren land…
That would be a good title for a story…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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