Where should I go next?

Sitting in my cozy armchair, watching the world ablaze I smiled.
“This is life…
Where should I go next?”
I murmured.
Indeed, the world was ablaze, the sun setting, having its last days before engulfing Earth, and slowly becoming something entirely else.
This was a scene I saw already a few hundred times.
It’s a really soothing, and yet an awakening sight.
Really makes you think about life…
But doesn’t really makes me afraid or upset.
After all, by this time, humanity is everywhere, a true behemoth amongst even older civilizations.
I came from such a future, immortality is but a basic need, time travel albeit heavily regulated it’s still doable.
And I am a lucky individual, a time-traveller with a proper license.
My reason for time-travelling?
“Saving cultural traces of mankind, without affecting the timeline nor altering the events.”
This means I save books (by copying them) and replicating items or at least documenting them (taking photos, samples and so on).
But that’s the easy part, the hard part is not to get killed (not like they could do it, but I would still feel the pain), and blending in, as any records about “weird”, “out of place” individuals, would be bad for the timeline.
But with our knowledge of history, it’s nothing too hard, it’s quite doable.
As a woman, some years are rather hard to live in, some planets even harder but it’s doable.
Ancient Rome? I am the only daughter of an old patrician family.
With a bit of coin, I can hire plenty people to play the role perfectly.
Ancient Egypt? Wealthy businesswoman is me go-to identity.
Need to steer clear of noble men, but that’s true anywhere sadly.
Scandinavia? Wandering shield-maiden, problem solved, albeit I do need to tackle quite a lot of busybodies.
Go to the long forgotten True Latiern world where females never even existed? Change my gender before going in. (yeah, we can do that to in the future.)
Go to an alien civilization? Holograms that are semi-real, so I look like them can be applied. (yeah, we can change gender completely, but not the race/species.)
Anything can be solved, as long as I have knowledge about the place I am going to…
So this leaves only one thing.
Yes, one thing.
“Where should I go now?”
I muttered, as the flames engulfed the planet, and I’ve gone into the time stream, being here, there, now and then…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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