A new Olympian is born

Well, let’s keep it short.
I died.
Doesn’t matter how, why and what will come.
The outcome is the same.
I am dead.
Waiting for something to happen.
And something did indeed happen.
I was brought away.
Whisked from the comfy darkness that started to drown me, and brought into a blinding field of light.
Struggling to open my eyes, and accommodate them to the light, I blinked, and blinked.
Soon, I could see where I was.
In a majestic open hall of a temple, with the clouds rolling around me…around…us…
There were twelve thrones scattered across this hall, with twelve individuals sitting on them.
But if I looked closely, there was a 13th throne hidden in the shadows of the first one, and a 14th throne deep in the hall, behind everything, near the hearth…
I wasn’t that studious, but it didn’t take a genius to realize where I was…
I was on Mount Olympus, not the real place, but the one from mythos…albeit now, I might think this one is real as well.
“Dear Mortal! Felicitations are in order!
You! After aeons and aeons have passed, and the laws of the universe shifted, you! You shall be the first one to become a god in the new era!”
The one sitting on the first throne boomed.
His smile was arrogant, yet amiable at the same time.
All the others just nodded.
“Me? A god? An Olympian actually? Why? How? Why now?”
I asked.
“As Zeus said, the laws changed, and we retreated, but the laws are in a natural cycle.
Now, the cycles are changing, we, the gods are making a comeback.”
The woman who sat on the 5th throne explained.
“And, your soul is exceptional, you have fate with us, and you are also good looking, so that’s why you.”
Another goddess, a much more open, and flirtatious one said.
“And bringing in a soul such bright as yours…isn’t a big deal to the annoying feather boy.”
A bulky man snorted.
“And making a mortal a god…
For us, it’s not that big of a deal, we can do it easily once a few centuries.”
The woman sitting at the right of Zeus said.
I sighed.
“Well, okay, tell me my role, my aspect I need to take care of, and my general responsabilities.”
I said.
“Quite quickly accepted the situation, you have.”
A woman, with head full of golden brown hair said.
“Becoming a deity sounds good, a bit tiring, but still.
And the alternative it’s too uncertain.”
I shrugged.
They all laughed.
“Good, good.
We’ve seen your life, we know of your potential…
You shall start your godhood as a minor god of magic, under Hecate herself…
You might work your way up, and establish your own divinity, just like the rest of us…
Good luck, young man.”
Zeus boomed, and disappeared.
Soon, everyone else disappeared, leaving only me behind.
“So, you are the new child I’ve gained?”
A voice sounded, behind me, in front of me, left, and right, up and down, everywhere but nowhere.
It was both loud and silent, hoarse and gentle, familiar and yet so strange.
I tried.
“Haha! Just call me Hecate, there are still a few decades until we can send minor gods to the realm, so until then, I shall throw you in my library.
Learn magic well.”
She said, and I appeared in a library…
Library is barely enough to describe the place…it was a veritable sea of books.
“So this is how a new Olympian is born…
And that Olympian is me…”
I murmured, turning to my right, and starting to search for beginner books on magic…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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