Envoys for the myths

Humanity was prospering, and everything changed for the better.
We put aside our differences, and thrived for a better tomorrow.
Tackling problems united, proved to be much more efficient than previously theorized, and environmental issues have been solved one after the other.
It’s been decades since more or less peace ruled over the planet.
Countries still existed, we still prided in our nationality, but it wasn’t of paramount importance.
We simply realized that the human race will go extinct if we don’t do something, and our squabbles only hindered the progress that could’ve been.
Healthcare , education and public safety have been our priority ever since, alongside with research and development.
And now, we are waiting for the greatest hurdle of them all.
We are waiting for the few spaceships we’ve detected months ago to arrive, and land.
As they got closer, we could discern glaring differences amongst them.
Size, materials they’ve been made of, colors used, shape, speed, everything was different.
One of them was royal blue with yellow streaks across it, shaped like an horizontal mountain.
One of them was grey and red, shaped like a square building.
One of them was jade with golden dragons engraved on its hull, shaped like a cloud.
Another was amethyst in color with flames across the hull, it was shaped like a circle.
Lastly, it was yellow ship with streaks of red, blue and green, it was shaped like a pyramid.
Obviously, it didn’t take us much time after finding out their appearances to have our own guess about their origin.
After all, plenty of stories have been circulating for millennia with such details, and incredible events, that it’s hard to say with certainty that they were truly just simple stories.
And now, that small part of humanity that always believed has been proven right.
They were indeed more than just simple myths, or at least it appeared so, we will know more when the ships land.
Greek, Norse, Chinese, Japanese and Egyptian, these were the ones we’ve identified, albeit there can be differences.
And since I am the one writing all this, I’ve been chosen as one of the few who will meet those who will exit these ships.
And now, the wait begins, as the ships are descending.
The ships stopped right above Turkey, around the place that was theorized to be the exact geographical center of the Earth.
Soon, the ships opened, and out came 5 individuals, one from each.
From the ship that we thought was related to Greek mythology, came out a young woman, with golden brown hair, in a peplos down to her ankles, with a robe.
Both clothing were white, with golden lines, albeit they seemed synthetic rather than from fabric made.
From the second ship, that we associated with the Norse Mythology came out a tall young woman, wearing rust colored armor, with a spear in her hand.
The third ship that we associated with the Chinese mythology sent out an amiable looking middle-aged man, wearing a grey robe.
From the ship we thought that was related to the Japanese mythos, a young man came out, wearing shorts, and nothing else.
His muscles were defined, and his hair was in a man-bun, but the most eye catching trait were 3 scars running across his naked upper body.
And from the last ship, that we were almost certain (obviously) that was related to the Egyptian mythology, came out a young looking woman, with an almost see-through sandy dress.
They all inhaled, and smiled.
Then they looked at each other, and snorted.
The amiable looking middle-aged man chuckled, and took a step forward.
Nobody else objected.
We were waiting for them, as we estimated their landing area.
The middle-aged man looked at us, 9 representatives of Earth.
“Earthlings, finally you’ve renounced your barbarism, and realized that mankind’s true future is built upon unity, and growth of the younger generation.
It’s sad it took so much time for a planet blessed like this, with multiple intergalactic civilizations sending their faith here, but alas, higher the potential of a race, higher the risk of infighting.”
The middle-aged man sighed.
The other representatives gulped.
Even though the middle-aged man was smiling, and amiable looking, he, just like the others emanated a strange pressure…
I was pushed, forced to take a step forward, and be the one to talk.
“Excuse me, Sir, but are you related to the Celestial Court?”
I asked.
“Yes, but you can just call me Eunuch Grey, after all that’s who I am.”
He said, chuckling.
With that, the other’s identity has been confirmed as well.
They were envoys for the myths we’ve all heard growing up.
“Eunuch Grey, are you here because?”
I tried my luck.
“Because your planet finally shows more than just promise, and it’s time to establish our relations again…”
He said, sighing.
I asked.
“Mankind is a vast race, this universe is old, and there are even older ones.
You, Earthlings, are just a branch of the true human race, that consists of many, many factions.
Factions that often send visualizations, stories out in the world, maybe pushing a newly born civilization to a path that suits them.”
He said.
I understood…if there was only one religion…then our customs, our thought process…mostly would’ve been not much different than theirs…
“But this planet showed much, much too much promise…
And way too many factions risked it, and send their “goodwill”…
It created a strong mentality, a good race, but it also divided you all…
Until now.”
He said.
“What will happen now?”
I asked.
“We, the envoys will be stationed on the planet, and re-connection with the vaster universe will commence.
Afterwards, since your mentality is quite strong, flexible, you might choose whatever faction you will follow, as individuals…”
He said, smiling.
The others also joined in, starting to explain.
I talked with them, and laughed, but inwardly I was terrified…
If someone would be a bit too partial to any singular faction…we would face the wrath of all the others.
That’s the main message here…
I sighed.
A new era just began for us, and here it is, an even newer, more mysterious one descending upon us…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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