Space and Time Travelling Agency

I pulled up right next to the Pillars of Eternity, waiting.
Pretty common pick-up point in this universe, after all, it’s hard to miss.
Huge towering energy gatherings that took the shape of pillars.
There is no known cause for their appearance, but they are like vertical, contained unimaginable explosions, causing space and time to bend.
It’s a dangerous spot, due to radiation and the waves of energy that sometimes escape the invisible containment, thus it’s secluded as well.
And here she comes.
Empress of Nowhere.
She jumped in my car, and sighed.
“Seriously, Jack, you can make your vehicle look like whatever you like, why do you keep this taxi look of it?”
She asked.
“Come on lady, don’t tell me you don’t find it funny.
Taking you all gods, devils, immortals and whatnots in a mortal looking machine…
It’s quite hilarious.”
I said laughing.
She just shook her head.
“Take me to the Twelve Pantheon Universe, there is a god conference taking place this era.”
She said.
“Twelve Pantheon Universe, that’s roughly 97 universes from here, void distance wise at least.
A minute or so, and we are there.”
I said, starting the “car”.
She giggled.
“This is why I pay the 10 star fee.
Not even gods can jump from a universe to another in a minute or so, yet you can do so with almost a 100.”
She said.
“My services are the best, what else can I say?”
I chuckled.
“Other than that, a god conference?
Those are rare, did something happen?”
I continued.
“Oh yeah, a fiend appeared that can consume divinity unfiltered…”
And thus the story started.
One minute or so was short for a proper story…had the time dilatation effect just not affect us.
But it does, so while it takes in real time only a minute or so, in the cab hours could pass, if not days, years…
This is the real perk of my job.
These stories.
I ferry these amazing, important individuals due to my special ability being perfect for time and space travel.
And I do it at a relatively high but not ridiculous price. (at least not for these individuals)
And I just chat.
Or simply shut my mouth, whatever their mood is.
And after a nice journey, or two, they start to open up, especially after they realize the things about the time dilatation.
My space and time travelling service is hailed as number one in the multiverse.
I even ferried over to other universes, other versions of myself.
They were quite different, as they didn’t have my special ability.
I was born out of the space and time laws…but in the void, at the intersection of hundreds of universes, making my body not belong to any universe.
Thus, I am unfettered, not connected by fate, karma or anything to anywhere.
That’s the main reason I can do this.
The other is even simpler: I am too fast, too strong, can’t be caught, so people don’t bother me.
This way, I can offer an extra layer of security, thus making my services even more valuable.
It’s really funny.
I tend to think, I know more about the universes of the multiverse than their inhabitants…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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