Awkward tranzition

99 battles in the coliseum of the Great Empire’s capital.
47 battles against other gladiators in one on one battles.
Fearsome, bloody battles, each ending in life-and-death struggles…
33 battles against beasts from across the Empire’s lands.
Drake, dragons, wraiths, qilins, giants, mountain spirits, anything that can be found was transported to the coliseum.
Thank the Empress that they were below average potential wise, as the truly good beasts were all taken as mounts and pets for the nobles and royals…
And 19 royal shows, battling against a dozen and time to time even against hundreds of other participants…
And now, I breath in and out as I wait, my 100th victory…
My chance to freedom.
My ticket to the vast lands outside the walls of this coliseum and the others I’ve been sent to…
Should I win this 100th battle, my freedom will be given back.
So, I will give everything to win this battle.
And as I thought of this, the gates before me opened, signaling the beginning of the games.
Walking out into the open arena, I was flooded in the spectators cheers.
“Blood Queen! Blood Queen!”
They chanted.
Long fiery red hair, red eyes, pale skin.
They used to call me something else, more of a monster at first, but more I won, the more respect I gained from them.
Then, the other door opened.
“Tyrant of the Seas! Tyrant of the Seas!”
Another part of the sea of people started to chant.
It was a humongous, eight-armed giant.
Had to had the blood of a kraken in him.
“Little woman, you shall join my harem after losing to me!”
He boomed, laughing.
Each of his hand gripping an enormous warhammer.
I shrugged, and took my stance.
“Many wanted to do that, none succeeded.”
I said.
“I heard that you fight barehanded…
But against me…that’s foolish!”
He roared.
We waited, before the Empress and Emperor clapped.
That signaled the start of our fight.
I closed my eyes, and felt the world around me.
His huge frame made it sure that even if he was as nimble as a swallow, he would still make the earth shake, the air tremble.
And indeed he did.
He was fast, in but one step he was above me.
Swinging his warhammers, like raging trees uprooted in a chaotic wind.
I felt like in the middle of the ocean, on a makeshift raft, open to the whims and angers of Mother nature.
But I smiled.
I exhaled and raised my hands.
“Haha! Well, you might lose your hands, but you will still have your legs and body!”
He laughed.
I felt his hammers, and then I moved my palms.
The wind tickled my skin, and followed my will.
And as the wind followed me, so did his hammers follow the wind.
The hammers flew wildly near my hands, my head, but they missed me.
They hit the ground around me, kicking up a veritable tsunami of dust, and cracking the ground into million pieces.
I was close to his body, putting my palms onto his stomach.
“Haha! Little lass! You are quite proactive!”
He laughed, dropping his hammers.
They fell like mountains, making deafening noise.
He tried to hug me, break my spine probably, but I continued to smiled.
I inhaled, then exhaled, while pushing my palms firmly onto his stomach.
He suddenly gasped, and flew away.
His flying figure parted the cloud of dust around us, making us visible.
He got embedded into the walls of the coliseum, while the crowd erupted into an infernal cheer.
“Blood Queen!”
They shouted.
I looked towards the imperial stand.
“Young Elenor, congratulations for your 100th win.
Your freedom…is yours.”
The Emperor’s voice boomed, shaking the very space around us.
He was a veritable expert, capable of controlling countless planets.
I bowed my head, and the crowd erupted into cheers.
Before, silence setting in once more.
I looked up, to see the Empress standing up.
The next second she was in front of me, checking me out.
“Good, I took a liking to you.
You shall be my daughter from now on.”
She said, grabbing my shoulder and disappearing with me.
I didn’t hear what happened afterwards, but the ruckus in the coliseum must’ve been humongous.
I found myself in the imperial palace, at the baths section.
The Empress was looking at me with a satisfied smile.
I realized, that while teleporting us here…she….she…she undressed me.
“Good muscles, good constitution…
A hidden physique of blood as well, no wonder you can destroy inner organ like there is no tomorrow!
Haha! As expected of my daughter!”
She laughed.
I didn’t cover myself, nor did I react…
I simply…couldn’t.
This was too…too weird…too unexpected.
“Girls! Come in, clean the princess, and show her the way to the banquet hall where we usually dine, you know, the smaller one.
And dare to mock her, and she shall kill you all, after all, she can do it.”
She said, giggling.
A bunch of wryly smiling, pale face maids entered, and pushed me into the inner region.
They washed me, like I was a cloth.
But I did need it, after all…my baths consisted in drenching myself in rain water…
After 3 hours of continuous rubbing, and 2 hours of soaking, and 1 more hour of oil massages, I finally was released.
I found myself reborn, and lead to the dining hall or banquet hall as the Empress called it.
There a feast was prepared.
The Empress, Emperor, and the 10 children they had were already there.
“This is your new sister, be nice to her or not, you can’t bully her anyway.”
The Empress giggled.
The Emperor just smiled, while the imperial kids…stared at me.
The boys glared at me, with hatred and lust, whilst the girls stared at me with curiosity and disdain…
Nothing new, nothing I haven’t seen or haven’t learnt to deal with…
“This…How shall I eat this?”
After a period of waiting, I could stop my hunger, and asked this.
Nobody answered me.
I shrugged, and ate with my hands.
The kids snorted, but the Empress and Emperor didn’t show any care in the world…
This will be an awkward transition for me…
From a slave, a gladiator to a royal…
Maybe this is just a game to them…
But I will make sure to use this opportunity to the max.

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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