Whatever, let it be

There aren’t many things I can’t get used to, but this bright light is one of them.
Sighing, I opened my eyes.
I was in a cauldron, being boiled alive, as one of this month’s tortures.
“You awoke Sleepy?”
The demon stirring the cauldron asked.
“Yeah, Mezeal, the light from the fire is too strong for me to sleep.”
I said, yawning.
“Just the light…
You are one strange fella, not screaming, not feeling the pain…
At least we demons have someone to talk to.”
Mezeal said, chuckling.
Just then, another blinding light appeared.
It was Lucifer, whom appeared.
“Sup Luci! Long time no see.”
I said.
“Ah, yes, I had a debate with Michael about which country has the best food…
Was funny to see him completely unable to understand how one country can have the food from all over the world.”
He said, chuckling.
“Typical you…
So, what brings you here?”
I asked.
“You, actually.
Your eternity passed, I have to evaluate your sentence and then send you off.”
He said.
“Oh, so soon?”
I said.
“It’s been an eternity though, at least for you.
I got the documents on my desk, so it must be true.”
He shrugged.
“Okay, now what then?”
I said.
“Come with me.”
He said, and with that we both disappeared.
When the light faded, I was in a fancy office.
The furniture was massive, probably hand crafted from precious woods.
Paintings, statues and carvings were scarce, but extraordinary, while the walls were mostly covered in shelves filled with books.
“Nice place, right?”
Luci asked.
“Better than the cauldron, worse than the knife forest.”
I said laughing.
He rolled his eyes.
“Let’s see…”
He said, perusing the documents, that were most probably related to me.
Soon, he frowned.
“Oh no, oh no….heh-heh…”
He chuckled awkwardly.
“What’s up Luci?”
I asked.
“You see…I checked your records, up to day 1…
To see if you are ready to join the Big Guy, up there or to reincarnate, or to continue your sentence here…
But…there seems to have been a mistake.”
He said.
“Spit it out, you know me, I can take it.”
I said.
“Yes, you adapt to anything…
Well, here goes nothing.
You should’ve gone to Heaven from the very beginning.”
He said.
I took that in, and shrugged.
“Ok, so what now?”
I said.
“That’s your reaction?”
He asked.
“Will my crying, wailing, throwing a huge tantrum change the fact that I was tortured for a few years?”
I asked.
“Eternity, not a few years, but no, it won’t change it.”
He said.
“So, now what?”
I asked again.
“I don’t know, this way, I can’t send you to Heaven, at least not yet, since you would be a missing soul in their records…”
He said.
“Whatever, let it be.”
I shrugged, standing up.
“Where are you going?”
He asked.
“You have a room, full of video games, I am going to play some.”
I said, leaving his office.
“Wait, that means that you are staying here?”
He asked, beaming.
“Well, for the foreseeable future, yep.”
I said.
He laughed, and joined me in some video games.
I didn’t really mind the fact that I was sent here.
It’s not like I couldn’t handle it, especially now, that the torture is over, and I made a few good friends…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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