Time to move

I awoke at the sound of a horn being blown, and the sound shaking heaven and earth.
I yawned.
Rising from underneath the pile of books I’ve been buried under, I walked groggily towards the door of the bookstore.
Going outside, the city was in shambles.
People were running left and right, while the elements ravaged the modern world.
I yawned.
A trumpet could be heard South, and looking there, and angelic army, showered in divine light, descended, while the ground itself split and creatures and hellish spawns crawled up and started to fight.
The horn was still being blown, and up North, a wooden gate, engraved with all manners of weapons opened.
Valkyries flew down on their pegasi, and the Vanir and Aesir descended, whilst mountain like creatures tried to tear those gates down.
To the East, the battle was even more chaotic, devils, ghosts, demons and monsters were fighting against anything and everything that one could imagine.
To the West, a mountain appeared, and lightning started to shower monsters and titans alike.
Gods flew everywhere, fighting their fated foes.
I yawned.
Scratching the back of my head, I dodged a flaming meteor, and entered the shop.
There, my trusty tortoise Everything, was currently frowning.
“What’s the problem, you have even more wrinkles when you are frowning.”
I said laughing.
Time and Space melded together, and avatars, clones of the mighty ones are reenacting the end of days scenario again.”
He said, his tone so deep, it shook the tiles of my floor.
“Simulate not reenact.
The real one didn’t happen yet, that would be on a bigger scale than this.”
I said.
“But this world is doomed nonetheless, isn’t it?”
He asked.
I nodded.
He sighed.
His shell shone, and the books started to organize themselves on the shelves.
When it was all done, the entire store started to shrink and enter his shell.
We found ourselves under the stormy sky.
But I didn’t care.
Not like the rain, or lightning could do anything to us.
“Shall we go?”
Everything asked.
“Yes. It’s time to move…again.”
I said.
As soon as he heard me, he started to get bigger, not too big, but big enough for me to sleep on his shell.
And then, off we went.
Of course, nobody, not the avatars, nor the mortals have seen anything…
Maybe, just maybe, a lucky one might escape and become someone great…
And they might remember, remember the  All-Time and Everything’s bookstore…

Published by omnithenerva

Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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