The alarms were blasting, and the council members all were summoned.
Each appearing has a hologram, some in their night wear, some in their suits, as they were from different parts of the globe.
“What’s going on?
Is it him again?”
A councilwoman asked.
“Can he let us rest for a minute at least?”
Another one sighed.
“It’s him indeed…”
The one who summoned them all said.
A projection appeared in the middle of the table.
It was the moon…
At least…pieces of it.
“He….He destroyed the moon?”
One councilman stuttered.
“And please, tell me…
How the hell did it go unnoticed until now?
How is it not affecting the planet at all?”
An elderly councilwoman asked, sighing.
“You all saw what he did with our planet in recent months…
Does this truly surprise all of you, dear gentlemen and women?”
The advisor who summoned the meeting laughed.
They all shook their heads, sighed and smiled.
The advisor continued.
“What now?”
A fiery tempered councilwoman asked.
“Since the Earth isn’t in the radius of surveillance, there weren’t problems until now…
But the moon is an outpost for the Galactic Alliance’s communication center, so it was under the protection of the alliance…
So, this was seen as an act of terrorism, and the respective law enforcement corps are on their way…”
The advisor finished.
And as he just said that, a fleet of a few hundred 2nd and 3rd class ships appeared near the remnants of the moon.
“Quickly! Establish a link to their commander!
We need to warn them!”
One of the younger councilman shouted.
Just then, a request to open a communication channel was sent by the fleet.
“They will do it anyway first, that’s their protocol.
I will accept it.”
The advisor said, laughing a bit.
The young councilman snorted, but was clearly ashamed.
“This is Commander of the 199th fleet of the Eastern Quadrant of the great Galactic Alliance.
Request to speak to the council of planet Earth, 5th category planet.”
The red-headed woman that appeared in the hologram said.
“This is the council of planet Earth, please, Commander, feel free to speak.”
One of the councilman said.
“The destruction of your moon, caused our outpost to be destroyed…
But we found our staff in stasis, floating in the void…alive…
While in the place of the core of your moon…we found a man, muttering and gesturing….
Is he a terrorist cultivator? Or someone of your civilization that has gone rogue?”
The Commander asked.
“He is…an unknown human cultivator…
He came a year back, and changed our planet…”
A councilwoman said.
At this the Commander frowned, and mouthed something to someone next to her.
Soon enough, her frown deepened, before gasping.
Your planet is now a 3rd category planet, and its energy is constantly growing!”
She exclaimed.
“He moved our continents and placed them in certain patterns…
Before casually bringing down thousands if not millions of asteroids, space dust, and even stellar remnants to increase the mass and integrity of the planet…
All the while…we, who lived on them felt nothing changing, other than cities becoming smaller, and the wilderness becoming larger…”
One of the councilman said.
The Commander frowned.
“This shall be considered as an internal affair of the Earthen humans, whilst this practitioners danger level shall be of the “Destabilization” level.
That’s it, thank you for your cooperation, I shall head back to report this.”
The Commander said, leaving.
“Destabilization level…
Something or someone who can threaten the balance of the entire Alliance…
Quite well said…”
The council murmured…
Meanwhile, the man that was the main subject of these talks, was reforming the moon.
“Bigger, stronger….sturdier…
I’ve been thrown back in time….
But this time…I will pave a much smoother way…
For the Empire…For us…”
He continued to murmur, as the moon begun to reform, ever so brilliant, while his gaze slowly started to shift towards the sun…

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Wannabe fiction writer. In love with mythology, and fantasy themes.

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